Thursday, May 30, 2013

Roi Serviteur! Servant King!


Bonjour mes amis!

I'm going to be away from my Blog for a couple of days on an exciting trip!  You'll have to come back next week so I can tell you all about it...

In the meantime, I wanted to share one more Post this week.  I've mentioned before about the dear, little Church we have been attending here in Orléans.  We have really enjoyed being part of this Congregation, and I have regularly shared with you some of the Music from our Worship Services.  Let me share one more Song this week, because I found a YouTube recording of it.  We sing it fairly regularly, and it's simple and quite beautiful.  Afterward, I'll give you the words AND a translation, of course!

Roi Serviteur!  (Servant King!)

Tu es venu jusqu'à nous,  (You came to us,)
Quittant la gloire de ton ciel.  (Leaving the glory of Your Heavens.)
Tu es venu pour servir,  (You came to serve,)
Donnant ta vie pour nous sauver.  (Giving your life to save us.)

Dieu tout-puissant, Roi serviteur,  (Almighty God, Servant King)
Tu nous appelles tous à te suivre  (You call us all to follow you)
Et à t'offrir nos corps en sacrifice.  (And offer you our bodies as a sacrifice.)
À toi l'honneur, Roi serviteur.  (To You be the honor, Servant King.)

Dans le jardin de douleur  (In the garden of pain)
Où mon fardeau brisa ton cœur,  (Where my burden broke your heart,)
Tu dis à Dieu dans ta peine :  (You say to God in your pain:)
"Ta volonté et non la mienne".  ("Thy will, not mine.")

Voyez ses mains et ses pieds,  (See his hands and feet,)
Pour nous, témoins du sacrifice.  (For us, witness the sacrifice.)
Les mains qui tenaient la terre,  (The hands holding the earth)
Se livrent aux clous de la colère.  (Bore the nails of anger.)

Apprenons donc à servir  (So we learn to serve)
En laissant Christ régner en nous ;  (Letting Christ reign in us;)
Car en aimant nos prochains,  (For loving our neighbors)
C'est Jésus-Christ que nous servons.  (It is Jesus Christ we serve.)

I Hope you are blessed by this Song, these Words and the Love of Christ this weekend!
Have a Blessed Day!

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