Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fiskershuske! Try saying that three times fast!


Bonjour mes amis!

Do you have nice Neighbors?  I've mentioned before that we are living in an Apartment here in Orléans.  In Texas, we have a House, so we thought coming to live in an Apartment for a year would be a bit of an adjustment with neighbors so closeby.  Well, truth be told, the adjustment has been more about living in the City with all the, trains, sirens!

As for our Neighbors...well, last night, we had our Neighbors, who live above us, over for a glass of Wine.  The gathering was casually set up, sort of last minute, so we didn't get to fuss too much, but it was absolutely great getting to know them.  They are French, but speak a little bit of English.  They are young, with a sweet baby girl.  We talked for hours!  It's so nice to know atleast one of our neighbors now.  Next time, they want us to come to their place, so they can treat us to some of the French things they think we need to try!  Should be fun!

Today, I want to continue sharing our visit to The Netherlands...

Cousin Nel took us to see another area along the Dike, that contained a...

Fiskershuske Museum!

This was a collection of late 18th Century homes where Fishermen and their families lived.  The homes were very small, but practical, and it was a tight-knit little Community.  The small homes we got to view contained collections of items used by the Coastal Fishing Families.

Let's go inside one...

As I said, small, but practical...

These homes were located just at the base of the Dike...

Let's go inside another...this was my favorite!

Beds were built into the had to sleep sitting up!

Aren't they so quaint?

Here's some views of the little Community from the top of the Dike...

I just loved this little Statue at the base of the Dike, but I forgot to have Cousin Nel translate the Dutch Sign for me to know why this Statue was placed here...

I got a kick out of seeing the Wooden Shoe Storage outside this building!  The flag in the foreground is the Frisian Flag!

I need to get to work in the apartment now.  We are expecting a guest tonight!

Oh, and be kind to one of your neighbors today!  They might become sweet friends for you!

Have a "Jewel" of a Day!

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