Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Where did this Color Scheme come from?


Bonjour mes amis!

What's a Mother to do?  This year, I have two Graduates from two different Schools, and their School colors are...

Black and Gold (my High School Graduate)
Maroon and White (my University Graduate)

We planned to hold an Open House in our Home to honor them, and have many friends over to celebrate, but how in the world do you relate these School colors, and equally celebrate BOTH Graduates?

Remember my Sneak Peak?
Well, here was my solution...go with Avocado Green, White, Cream and Black!  Yes, these are colors I adore, but this isn't about me here.  Yes, my house looks fabulous in these colors, but this isn't about my house here.

As I pondered my Graduates, I looked for some common threads.  First, there's those black gowns, and the black cap...hence the black and white.  But then, I also really started to think about my individual children and their interests, and how I could bring those out in the decor.

My University Graduate received her Degree in is for green thumb, plants, clippings and propagation.  Her minor is in Spanish...hmmm...whites and creams for old for wrought iron scroll beauty.

My High School Graduate is strong in Math and Science, and intends to study Electrical Engineering, but he also has become fluent in French, and loves to play the and white for books, whites and creams for the same reasons in French as the Spanish...and black and white for those piano keys and musical scores.

Welcome to the Party!
We as a family are also Christians, devoted to the Lord, and when I spied a Bible that Dr. J and I were given as a Wedding gift, I thought it was appropriate to use it in the decor with the many gifts and talents that the Lord has given to my astounding children!

Entry/Gift Table
Yes, I got a plan in mind, and black, white, cream and avocado green became my base!  How cool it all came together!

Ms. Emerald made the picture that's on the mantle when she first moved in with her three roommates.  I decided to feature it on the mantle, but added a little notation that when Dr. J and I look at this picture, we see our four little birds have "flown the coop"!

The kitchen table was quite a mix of the two Graduates, from the yarn basket for my daughter who knits, crochets and crafts, to my future-Engineer Son, back to my Horticulture daughter, and then back to my son who spent a year in France enjoying the Chateaux of the Loire Valley!

My Father's Dad was quite a gardener, so I was able to include one of his Gardening books in the decor, but a Professor that Ms. Emerald worked for in a Greenhouse, gifted her with some cool old Horticulture books that we also used in the decor.  Old books are always awesome for decor!

So, today I've just been sharing some photos in the preparation for the celebratory Open House, but of course, I have a couple to share from the special day as well!

The awesome Cake and Cookies were the gifts of dear friends!

A couple shots from the Dining Room!

And these are my awesome Grads, enjoying the day!!!

We had lots of fun, and I think our guests did too!

Have a "Jewel" of a Day!

Monday, June 9, 2014

The View from my Shower...


Bonjour mes amis!

This is the view from my all new Shower into our Master Bathroom!

This is Dr. J's Sink area...

And, my Sink area...

Before I show you the actual "after" pictures of the Shower, let's take a look at some "before" pictures of our bathroom...

All in all, it doesn't look too bad with the white tile, but you are seeing the walls painted, after I removed all the wallpaper...

The shiny brass framework and foggy glass had to go...

The bathroom just really needed an upgrade...
That tiny broken tile on the front left of the tub surround always bothered me!

And don't you love the Shell sink?

Atleast there was tile in the toilet area...but white?

The carpet was the other thing that needed to go!  I always hated the darkness along the edge of the light carpet!

And now, for the "after" pictures!

The New Showerhead...and check out my favorite...the Hand Held Shower!  I requested this.  After having one in France for the whole year, I discovered how much easier it was to keep the Shower clean and rinsed with this...

And, we added a bench as well...because Dr. J said that "we are not getting any younger..."!

I requested recess boxes for holding shampoo and other items...

Here's a fuller view of the corner...

With the new tile, fixtures and chair molding we added, the bathtub looks like a brand new one!

And, all my pretty things still look just beautiful with the new Marble countertops...

We kept the same footprint, and even the same cabinetry...

We also had the walls painted a nice light color...Valspar "Asiago"!

(I know...I took this picture before we changed out the toilet handle to oil-rubbed bronze!)

Some closeups...
Dr. J won out with the choice of the Marble, and it's just beautiful!

I really wanted this travertine chair molding to cap off the tile surround, and for decoration in the Shower!

This is the lighting we put in before our move to France...

I love old chandeliers, and Dr. J will be putting a small one in the commode area for me as well.  Why not?

Here's the close up on the Shower.  We went with a frameless door, and LOVE it!

Hope you enjoyed the tour today!

I think I'll go workout now, so I need a Shower, and can enjoy my "jewel" of a bathroom again!

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