Friday, August 15, 2014

Jet-setting in 2014!


Bonjour mes amis!

2014 has been quite a year of Travel for me!

One might even call me a "Jet-setter"!

The Oxford Dictionary defines the word "jet-set" as follows:
Wealthy and fashionable people who travel widely and frequently for pleasure.

Now, I'm not wealthy, and I don't consider myself fashionable, but I traveled widely and frequently, not always for pleasure, but certainly...each trip turned out to be pleasurable!  I am blessed.  Let's see what you think...

After returning from celebrating the Holidays in Chicago, Illinois...

Home for the whole Month!

Memphis, Tennessee to celebrate my Cousin's Big Birthday, along with my two sisters...

Bradenton, Florida to spend a week with my parents, along with my two sisters...

Denver, Colorado to spend Spring Break with my oldest Daughter!

Ooooh!  I stayed Home the whole Month again...I think!

College Station, Texas to celebrate my younger Daughter's College Graduation!  Whoot!

Kenosha, Wisconsin to "stand up" in my Sister-in-Law's Wedding!

And, we had a little bit of fun in Wisconsin walking along the shore of Lake Michigan!

Chicago, Illinois to give my Niece a Bridal Shower!

Orléans, France to join my Husband!
(If you care to see photos from France this year, please go to any of the following links!)
"Back in France"!
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"Enjoying Combleux with a dear Friend"!
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"25 years to wait..."!
"Be careful where you Stand"!
"My Last Night in France and my Best Story"!

Korea for a Conference...nevermind, that was my hubby's travel, not mine!

College Station, Texas to take my youngest Son to his New Student Conference at the University!
Denver, Colorado AGAIN to help my oldest Daughter move out of her Apartment!  (I worked like a Slave, but we did manage a little fun time the last 18 hours or so)!

This brings me to...

College Station, Texas to take my Son to Camp, and pick up my Daughter!
(I managed this trip as a day trip though)!

The Months Ahead in 2014:
My Niece is getting married!
My Husband is being honored at a Conference!
The Holidays are coming!
Etc., etc.

What a life!

Does this Post make you tired?  It's tiring reading back on where I've been this year!  It truly has been an unusual year, and in just about two weeks...

Dr. J and I will be EMPTY NESTERS!

Just when there is the possibility for "jet-setting", we will probably...

Stay home!

Have a "Jewel" of a Day!

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