Thursday, July 3, 2014

Château Tour and Tours!


Bonjour mes amis!

Bienvenue en France!  And welcome to my Château!

Well, it's not "MY" Château, but it is my temporary home!  Here's a view from the Street!  The cupola is lit up at night!  The second window down on the left is actually our bedroom window!  It views out to the Loire River!

There's lots of neat details on the outside of this Château, including the ironwork on the front door.  Here's a closeup!  I love that they kept to the "ancien" details in the restoration of this Château!

I know you are probably wondering about the interior of the Château.  Well, I can't show it all to you, because much of it is closed off to me (there are 7 apartments in total), but I was able to view the first floor, and the crown molding and large windows are just beautiful.  The floors in the stairway are done in typical French Orléans!  I just love this classic look.

Our apartment is done very modern, which makes it rather easy to live here, but of course, it doesn't feel "old" when you are inside.

I love that they kept the details of the old windows, with the latching mechanism, and shutters!

No complaints from this inhabitant!

The other day, Dr. J and I went to the city of Tours with a group of folks from all over the world,  for a small lecture and reception time.  Today, I'm including some charming pictures from that visit as well!

How I wish I could grow those beauties in Texas!!!

I continue to be happy to be back in France!  Thanks for stopping by today!

Have a "Jewel" of a Day!

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