Thursday, July 10, 2014

Great day for a Château!


Bonjour mes amis!

You know how when you were growing up...and Saturday would arrive...and it was raining outside...and your Dad came to the family and declared...


La Ferté Saint-Aubin
 And he'd pack the family in the car...and you'd head off to a Museum for the day?

No?  Well, I'll be honest, my sisters and I weren't always that enthralled with the idea of going to a Museum...

But children in France probably thrill when their Daddies come to them and say...

"C'est un grand jour pour un Château!"

Okay, so maybe French children roll their eyes at their parents the way American children do sometimes, but while I'm in France, this is one of my favorite ways to spend time...rain or shine!

We happened to have a rainy day and no car, so I suggested to Dr. J that we go to La Ferté Saint-Aubin, just a 15 minute train ride away from our Château in Orléans.  I visited this place a couple times last year, but Dr. J had never gotten to visit, so he was totally up for it.

It's a fun place that caters to children with all sorts of games for them to play, and the children can touch many of the things in the Château!

(I just want to point out that Dr. J took this awesome shot of the old wine bottle in the Dining Room!  I praised him for the angle he took on this shot, and that he got the candleholder's baubles in the picture, as well as some interesting things in the background.  Way to go, Dr. J!)

(*Oh!  And one other thing...
St. Emilion, in general, is my favorite Bordeaux Wine from France!)

I love the kitchen in the "Cave" of this Château!  Then again, I usually love the kitchens in all the Châteaux!

There's a beautiful Chapel!

But there's no access for the public...

Dr. J enjoyed viewing all the toys tools in the Attic!

Here's a view of the grounds from the Attic of the Château!

This Château even has a Train Station!

With a cool, old Mailbox!

And rusty old bikes...

(*That was one of my favorite photos of the day...besides the wine bottle one that Dr. J took)!

And for the children...a life-sized Chess Game!  I played a game with son, Jewelius, last year, but I don't like to talk about it...

...because I lost!       

My Engineer had to check out the Train Engine!

A very charming Train Station!

And out back...Games for the Children Adults!

Time to head back to town!

There were plenty of charming Houses for us to admire on our walk back to the Train...

I wanted this next one the most!  So cute!

We finished up our "Grand Jour pour un Château!" with a romantic dinner for two...

Complete with some yummy brochettes we purchased at the Market at Châtelet les Halles!

By now, you are either hungry, or you can't wait for the next rainy day to go explore a Museum or Château!

Have a "Jewel" of a day!

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