Friday, May 17, 2013

Dessert for Lunch & Spitkeet!


Bonjour mes amis!

Yesterday afternoon, I had an enjoyable time with my friend, Eva...and oh, by the way, she got a Peanut Butter Cookie Stack, too!  (See yesterday's Post!)  We shopped a little bit together, and then went out for "Lunch"...

Only it wasn't the kind of "Lunch" you are thinking of...

We opted for a Cafe Gourmand "Lunch"!

But, it wasn't the typical Café Gourmand, with a tiny coffee, and 3 or 4 tiny desserts.  No, this was the typical small (and very strong) Coffee, but it was accompanied by four good sized Desserts.  Let me show you...

Eva was so Sweet.  She spoiled me with this awesome Treat as a belated birthday Gift!  Thank you, Eva!  I always enjoy spending time with you!

We're going back to The Netherlands again today...

Not too far from Cousin Nel's house, we went to the Spitkeet Museum, an Open Air Museum with Homes from the 1800's-1950, along the border of the Provinces of Friesland and Groningen.  The first ones were owned by the poorest in the area, but you will see in the photos that the Homes get progressively better, but were still quite modest...


Okay, so this little entry table doesn't have a lot to do with the Museum (although, you will see some Antiques in the Homes!), but I just thought this was a charming Welcome as we started our Visit!

The Land where this Museum is located was covered in a peat bog many years ago.  The poorest people in the area would build their homes in a hill or dike in the land, and add wooden beams and poles to strengthen it.

Jewelius' Grandparents posed for a picture.  You can see how small this Home is...

This little hole was actually a World War II Hiding Place for boys.  It was never found during the War.

The items in this next space were used for digging up the peat bog, and the specially-designed shoes were used, so as to not sink into the soft soil.

Now, we come to a Spitkeet...a shelter built up from sod.  A family with Eleven Children lived in this Home!

You can see that Jewelius could barely stand straight up without bumping his head!

Check out this friendly guy!  He is a Landrace Goat!

These goats were threatened by extinction at one time...

This is what a laborer's house looked like around 1840, though this is a replica.  The front of the house was for living, and the back was usually used as a stable or workspace.

Another Home...

Some Fun Stuff to look at!

And, another Home...a bit nicer!

Afterward, we had one last Gathering with the Family before beginning our drive back to France...via some more sites in The Netherlands, of course!

A very fun Weekend!

I hope you have some fun this weekend, too!
Make it a "Jewel" of a Weekend!

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