Sunday, May 19, 2013

Chanter! (Sing!)


Bonjour mes amis!

Today, I'd like to share a Video I found, of a Song we sing every few weeks in Church here in France.  It's the kind of song that sticks in your head for the day...

Here's the Lyrics, and an English translation, and then follow to the bottom for the Video.

Faisons Monter, Monter!

À nous la force,  (To us the strength,)

La joie du Seigneur.  (The joy of the Lord.)

À nous la puissance  (To us the power)

Par son bras puissant.  (By his powerful arm.)

Revêtus de force,  (Clothed with strength,)

Entourés de gloire,  (Surrounded by glory,)

Assis sur le trône  (Sitting on the throne)

À la droite du Père.  (To the right of the Father.)

Faisons monter, monter,  (Let rise, rise,)

Un parfum de louange,  (A fragrance of praise,)

Faisons monter, monter  (Let rise, rise)

Notre adoration.  (Our Worship.)

"For we are a fragrance of Christ to God
among those who are being saved
and among those who are perishing..."
2 Corinthians 2:15

"Strength and Majesty are before Him,
Strength and Joy are in His place."
I Chronicles 16:27 

Have a Blessed Day!

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