Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mementos & a Pretty Day in Paris!


Bonjour mes amis!

Some things are slowing down here...like Jewelius' School.  This is his last week of classes, and then the students his age do an Internship to end off the School year.  We are hopeful that Jewelius can learn about Dr. J's Lab here as part of an Intership.

Other things have ramped up here...like Puces and Vide Greniers (Flea Markets and Garage Sales)!  It's raining again today...and it seems like it always rains when I'm invited to join friends for a Puce or Vide Grenier...and there have been plenty the last couple of weeks!  But, that doesn't dampen my spirit totally.  I'm always still willing to go...with Umbrella in hand...

Recently, I've purchased a few neat things to add to my pile of Mementos from France...

Afterall, who doesn't need a couple of old Mustard pots!  I have a couple ideas for using these.  Aren't they adorable?  I'd say I need a third Mustard Pot (you know, odd numbers in decorating!), but I'm recalling a cute Crock I have at Home that could look nice grouped with these on a tray!

This Children's Story Book intrigued me.  It's "Ancien", which is basically their word here for old when it comes to such things!  Check out the copyright date, though...1875!  It's in nice condition, too.  On the outer binding, the gold is all intact yet.

It's illustrated with Sketch Pictures inside...

I enjoy the Pictures at the beginning and end of the Chapters, too!

Longer ago, I also picked up another book "Ancien".  It's a cookbook...of sorts...from 1926!

It says it's for small Households.  Hmmm!  We're having Salmon for dinner tonight.  Perhaps I can find a nice way to prepare the Salmon for the Stove/Oven by translating the tips in this Book...

My friend who accompanied me while I purchased this (as well as her husband) were intrigued by the book.  It's sort of a nostalgic book.  (I think they secretly wanted to "nab" it from me!)  It's fun to read through.  Not very exact in measurements...more about instruction and technique.

Even though it's raining today...

It didn't rain one beautiful day last month when we took the Train into Paris with Jewelius' Grandparents!

Of course, we had to go to the Eiffel Tower!  Everyone who goes to Paris must see this Icon!

See how much fun we were having waiting in line to go to the Summit!?!

I love how this next shot came out with the Shadow of the Eiffel Tower in the River Seine!  Such a  beautiful day for picture taking...

Next stop, of course, the Arc De Triomphe!

This is the underside of the Arc.  There's so much detail, and so many Names of People being honored there...

Next, we were on to Sacré-Cœur!  Some people took the Funicular, but I'm not going to name any names...

You are not allowed to take pictures inside!  After a short visit, we wandered through Montmarte, and then stopped for a Coke!  No Rain....a Beautiful Day!

I hope you are enjoying a beautiful "Jewel" of a Day!

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