Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Laser Tag, TomTom & a Trip down Memory Lane!


Bonjour mes amis!

Welcome Back!  I'm back from my long weekend trip to ROME, ITALY!!!  I'll be sharing with you about our weekend soon, but for today, I have some short Stories to Share...

Last week Wednesday was quite a day!  I've mentioned that Jewelius' School Classes were nearing the end.  So, he and Nine of his friends from School headed out to play a couple Games of...
Laser Tag for an Afternoon.  (Yes, the kids do play Laser Tag here in France as well!)  Jewelius took on the name "Americain" for the Game, which, of course, made all his friends laugh.  He played well, though, and his Team managed to win both Games!  In between the two Games, there was a 30 minute break.  Since Jewelius' eyes had adjusted to the light, when he went back in for the second Game, he walked right into two black walls!  Rather embarrassing, but atleast it gave him material for a good Story!

Dr. J and I didn't have quite such a fun day, but all's well in the end.  I've shown you our Renault Scenic, the car we are renting for our stay in France...

Well, the TomTom GPS suddenly went out a couple of weeks ago.  After making four trips to Renault Locations, we finally have some resolution, but it wasn't quite what we expected in the end, because we are now using a portable TomTom GPS Unit for the duration of our stay in France.

I wanted to write about this, though, because during this process, we met the kindest Frenchman!  I probably could have named this Post "Ode to a Mechanique"!  Allain (the Renault Mechanic), who happened to be able to speak some English, tried to restart our TomTom GPS for us.  It's built into the Car.  He tried everything he could think of, but he just couldn't get it to work.  So, we had to go back to the Rental people to see how they would handle the repair.  But, during this process, Allain offered us the use of his own personal GPS!  Such a nice Man!  In the end, we made another trip to Allain's Location, and we were given a new, portable TomTom.  Allain even came out to the Parking Lot to help set up the TomTom, and be sure it worked for us.  He was so fun to talk with, and you could tell he loved to laugh.  He told us he studied English and improved his English speaking, just so he could understand the Lyrics of Bands like Metallica!  Haha!

On Wednesday evening, we had a Reservation for a Restaurant in Orléans...the #1 Restaurant in Orléans!

Restaurant La Parenthèse!

We have been there several times over the years, but in the last couple years, this Restaurant has become so popular, and now you must have a Reservation to even get a table.  So...two weeks prior, Dr. J made a Reservation.  This was to be my Mother's Day Meal!

Here's what I chose for my meal that night!
     Appetizer:  La lasagne gourmande chèvre frais et légumes niçois, au basilic
     Main Meal:  Chateaubriand de Boeuf (sorry, the full description wasn't on the website!)  (Dr. J had this, too!)
     Dessert:  Le tendre moelleux au chocolat et son sorbet abricot de la vallée du Rhône

Do you want to see some of their beautiful food?  Click HERE to see the kinds of courses they serve...Amazing!

We got to take a Trip Down Memory Lane with our Chateaubriand de Boeuf...to this...

Well, not exactly to this, but to our Engagement anyway!  After Dr. J asked me to Marry Him, we enjoyed a very nice meal, in a very nice Restaurant...and we enjoyed...
Chateaubriand for Two!
(Maybe sharing this Meal on the Evening of our Engagement was the Inspiration for future trips to France!)

We enjoyed the Meal very much, and infact, made a couple more Reservations at this Restaurant, since we will soon have some Guests!

I am so excited to tell you about our long weekend in Rome.  French and Italian have lots of words that are very similar, so it was possible to understand some things, but otherwise, I was down to speaking only a couple of words in Italian!  "Grazie" for your Visit today!

Have a "Jewel" of a Day!  And..."Arrivederci"!

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