Saturday, July 27, 2013

Street Scenes in Rome...


Bonjour mes amis!

We have been truly blessed living here in France!  (Have I written that already?  Perhaps quite a few times!)  Last night, we had a wonderful dinner Invitation.  Our friends have a beautiful Garden.  First, we started with an Aperitif toward the back of the Garden, then, we moved to the Table near the house for our meal.  Oooh La La!  Check out the Menu...

Brochette (Shish-ka-bob) with Pork and Chicken, peppers and tomatoes
Baked Potatoes with Crème fraîche et herbes fines 
Pepper and Onion Salad
Humus (Fait à la maison!)
Eggplant (Fait à la maison - delicious!)
Baguette (Naturally!)
Nice bottle of Rosé

It was a beautifully colorful meal!  It was followed by a Cheese Course...because that's what they do in France.  (I think I need to do some Research, to find out how it ever even got started that there is a Cheese Course for meals in France.  I don't think I ever would have thought of it...)

Dessert was a beautiful creation with brioche and fruit, somewhat like a bread pudding, but much more formed with layers, complete with Groseilles (gooseberries) on top for color and decoration.  I know you wish I took a picture, but we didn't bring the camera.  We just relaxed and enjoyed the company of some friends we are dearly going to miss...

Today, I have some fantastic photos to share from Rome, Italy!
Strictly spontaneous...nothing staged...

We popped into a Church for a few minutes...

This guy sure attracted the Tourists!

While we were standing in the street, someone came to clear the path for a parade of people...

Another Tourist Trap...


A really nice view to St. Peter's Basilica!

Those street vendors make it tough with their cheap prices!  Obviously, my friend showed too much interest in the Scarves.  This guy hung around for a while!  Jewelius does not look amused...

And neither do these guys...

This was a fun little detail on the Bridge...locks with love promises from couples...

I just really enjoyed seeing the locks!  I'm thinking Dr. J and I should have put one of these on, too!

After much walking, we were a tired bunch!

Time to stop for a beer (for the guys)!  The ladies enjoyed a glass of red wine with our Meal!

Naturally, we stopped for a Gelato for Dessert!  My apologies for the darkness of this photo!  It's the only "staged" photo in today's collection, and it's the only one that didn't come out too well!

Thanks for hanging out with me today!

Have a "Jewel" of a Weekend!

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