Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Phases of the Birthday Boy!


Bonjour mes amis!

I'm pausing briefly from my regularly scheduled Blog Post, because...

Today is a Special Day!

We have another birthday in the Family!  I just want to give a shout out to my Older Son (half of the Diamond Duo) who is celebrating today!

Happy Birthday Son!

Last year this time...in fact, exactly one year ago (and a couple days past), we celebrated another really special day for my Son...His Wedding to his Sweetheart!  Aren't they cute?

(The photo above was taken by the Bride's incredibly talented friend, Margaret,
for their Engagement!)

Here's a photo of our Family at the Wedding...

But, today is all about the Groom...I mean,


But, since we're speaking of the Wedding...

I went to a lot of work for the Bride to locate adorable pictures of this Son for the Wedding Reception, so I'm going to share a few today as a way of celebrating his life...

Wasn't he the cutest Baby?

He went through a few Phases in his Life...

First, the "Bears Fan with Grandpa" phase!

And, of course, "The Ninja Turtle" phase...

Okay, here, he's just cute!

Then, the "Wish I could have a Mohawk!" phase...

(which he did later on accomplish...without my permission!)

Then, the "I'm nice to my Brother!" phase...
(This one was short-lived, but we took what we could get!)
(Now, Jewelius is bigger than him, so they get along!)

(Incidentally, did you see how adorable Jewelius was as a tot?)

Then, the "Bulls Fan" phase with Dr. J...

14 years old, and he looks pretty Normal here!
(Must have been a phase...)

15 years old, and the "Growing my hair long" phase!
(Atleast he was wearing a cool Paris shirt!)

And, the "I want a Bass Guitar" phase...
(He's still in this phase, but he has moved on by 3 or 4 Guitars,
and we're very proud of his abilities!)

I guess this is the "Being Silly with my Brother" phase!
(this one has also not ended...)

But, he HAS turned into quite a Handsome, Responsible Young Man...



We Love You...
and, we wish you a wonderful "Jewel" of a day!

(okay, let's face it...I WISH YOU...
because your Dad and Brother would not wish "jewels" on you...)

And, You, my Visitor and Friend, please have a "Jewel" of a Day also!
See you tomorrow!

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