Friday, July 26, 2013

A Garden Stop and St. Peter's Basilica...


Bonjour mes amis!

Happy Friday Everyone!  Ready for the weekend?  We have plans both Friday and Saturday nights, so we have a lot to look forward to.  I hope you get to do something fun this weekend, too!

We've been renting a Car here in France, but when you rent long term (as an "Etranger" AKA "Ex-Patriat"), you can only rent for 6 months at a time.  So, we rented one car for 6 months in my name, and one car for 6 months in Dr. J's name.  Trouble don't really get 6 full months.  So, Dr. J headed out this morning, to turn in our second rental car.  (Of course, we had to return the car in Paris, and naturally, it's been pouring here this morning).  But, do you know what this means?  This means, we only have a couple more weeks to enjoy Europe...AND WE WILL...but mostly by Public Transport.

Today, I want to continue the fun in Rome and share our final stop at The Vatican...the Gardens!

But first, we stopped for a Pizza Lunch!  Even in the Cafeteria, the pizza wasn't too bad...

We caught a glimpse of the Gardens from inside The Vatican...

And here we are...

A view to St. Peter's Basilica!  (We'll go there in a few minutes...)

Time to go now, so we headed back inside, to see the full model of the area...

Then my friends got ahead of me on the exiting Staircase, because...

I stopped to check out all the beautiful detail!

Cool, huh?

Next, we walked to St. Peter's Basilica...

And got our photo taken!

And then, had some fun!

Our two young men were given the cameras to catch the Parents having fun together!  (I forgot to bend my knees for this one, but atleast I was off the ground!)

Father/Son Interaction!

Some close-ups, including The Square - Piazza San Pietro!

See this line of people?  Wow!  We decided not to wait in THIS line today...

A very enjoyable day!  I'm still pinching myself to believe that I was actually in Rome at all these famous places!

Hey!  It was pouring here this morning, but as I'm finishing up this post...THE SUN'S COMING OUT!  Yeah!  (Actually, we really needed the rain here...)

Have a "Jewel" of a weekend!

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