Friday, July 19, 2013

I'm NOT going to miss this...


Bonjour mes amis!

Well, the time is quickly approaching that I'm going to have to say "Good-bye" to the lovely Country of France.  I got to thinking about things.  I've clearly told you the myriad of things that I love here, but today I have something different to share.  Here it comes...

Top Ten...
I'm NOT going to miss this!

Paris Traffic!
(I think I've said enough about that!)

Whipping up Cake Batter by Hand!
(I'll have my Mixer again!)

Cleaning up crumbs from Baguettes!
(But, I'll still be pining away for yummy baguettes!)

Walking on Cobblestone!
(Okay, I am going to miss this,
but it IS hard walking on Cobblestone if you're not wearing the right shoes!)

Trying to remember the Opening and Closing Hours
of all the Stores!
(I'll be back in the Land of 24/7 again...)

Hearing "Miss Know-it-all" tell me to
"turn around when possible"!
(We don't have GPS in our cars in the U.S.)

Not having a Clue what people are saying in French!
(But, I will miss hearing the French's still so beautiful to me!)

The Mattress!
(I miss our pillow-top!)

My Children!
(...because I'll finally be in the same Country with them again!)

Doing the "bisou-bisou" thing with Men who haven't Shaved!
(It's that scratchiness against my soft skin!)

(***Of course, you understand not having to miss My Children is really #1,
but I had to throw this one in for Humor's Sake!)

Trust me!  This was a hard list to make.  I AM GOING TO MISS FRANCE!  This has been one of the most interesting years of my life!  I still have so much to share on this stay tuned...

Also, thanks for stopping by today...despite the fact that there are no pictures!
Wishing you a "Jewel" of a Day!

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