Saturday, December 1, 2012

Chenonceau Encore!


Bonjour mes amis!

Yikes!  It's December!  Hard to believe...but we've been living in France for more than three months now!  Well, let's face it, there's just some sites here that are worth repeating.  Yesterday, I took you back to Parc Floral, and today, we're going back to, what one of my friends on Facebook commented...

" bought a little place in the country?"

I wish...does this look familiar?

It's an Encore visit to favorite Château in France!  I know I will be here a few more times before our year is over!  It's a good idea to visit this place seasonally anyway, right?

I'm just going to warn you in advance...

Floral Arrangement Alert!!!

I have to mix it up a little bit for you!  At Chenonceau, they seem to place beautiful floral arrangements in each of the rooms, so this visit did not disappointment for me.  I love all the Architecture (as you well know by now), but I also was privileged to take some floral design classes in my past, so I really appreciate the creativity of the arrangements in the Château as well.  I'll try to restrain myself, but no promises...

Enjoy the beauty...


This room seemed to be getting set for Christmas guests...

How about this fireplace?

...and more scenes from the Kitchen...

 Hmmmm!  Flower love!

This arrangement was my favorite!  It was huge!

Forgive me for crouching, but aren't these the most amazing table legs?

This arrangement came in a close 2nd for me!

Picture Postcard Perfect!

My parents enjoyed this too!

These Urns had just been filled with pansies!

I hope you enjoyed your Encore visit to Château Chenonceau!

Let me share one more thing with you...Our Jewelius has been taking piano lessons here in France.  It's going well, but for one thing...did you know that the French name the piano keys differently than Americans?  You know we do the middle C thing, and then, we use the alphabet A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and then repeat?  Well, inside one of the large rooms, there was an Exhibit, and there was a small display about Music, and the piano keys were identified for us, so I took a picture...this is an obstacle that Jewelius and his teacher are overcoming together...

I just thought this was an interesting tidbit to share with you.  I never would have thought that there would have been a difference.  (Makes you want to do a little singing with Julie Andrews, doesn't it?)

Yesterday, I spent a little time working on my Elf Magic for the apartment, but I also made a new friend yesterday.  Yes, things are going very well for us here in France.  I hope you are doing well, too!

Have a "Jewel" of a day!

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