Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Now THIS is Old!


Bonjour mes amis!

I know it's Tuesday, and...
It Should Be Top Ten Tuesday! 
Last week, it just went out of my head that it was a Tuesday, and now this week, I'm having a stall in my brain for a subject of interest.  I'd love to do something about Christmas, but I'm going to hold that one until I show you my...
Christmas Decorations... 
Then, I thought I should write about my favorite...
Christmas Cookies...
but alas, I can't make many of my usual Cookies here in France...there's a number of ingredients I can't get here...especially good Peanut Butter...the French have no use for Peanut Butter (do they know what they are missing)???  Plus, I'm missing my best baking tools, and I've got no freezer space for all the usual things that I make.

SO, instead let me tell you about another site in France, probably the oldest place I've seen in France.  It is a Church in...

(has a nice ring, doesn't it?)

...and the Oratory was originally built in 806 AD.  How's that for OLD!?!

This Church was amazingly well preserved!  I just love the bells, don't you?

That reminds me of a Christmas Carol...

Ring the Bells!  Ring the Bells!  Let the Whole World Know!
Christ was born in Bethlehem...many years ago!

Okay...getting off subject...but now, let's take a look inside...

How about the fancy pews!?!

Amazing Ceiling!

This was quite a pleasant visit in a quiet little village.  Nice and calm!

In this Season of busyness, take some time to be calm, and reflect on the true meaning of Christmas...Christ the Savior's Birth!

Until tomorrow...
Have a "Jewel" of a day!

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