Friday, December 7, 2012

Oysters for Christmas!

07/12 2012

Bonjour mes amis!

Look what we woke up to this morning!?!

Snowy Whiteness!

I was up snapping pictures as soon as I realized.  The weather forecast today, apparently says snow.  It is 0 degrees as I am writing this...that's 32 Fahrenheit, of course!  Looks like it's going to be a cold weekend (by Texas standards!), and I hear we may get more snow later today.

I'm back today to tell you more about our trip to Yerseke, The Netherlands.  There are two main Industries in Yerseke, and I proudly state that my Yerseke cousins are involved in both... 
Oysters and Mussels...

While Cousin Kees was taking us on a tour of the Village, we spent a bit of time at one of the Harbors.  Kees' son works in the Oyster Business, and we got to see him in action, and hop on the boat as he and his coworkers sorted Oysters to take them to the Oyster Beds, where they will sit for atleast two weeks.  In The Netherlands, it is customary to have Oysters for Christmas, so Kees' son's business was working on Saturdays to get their stock up for Christmas!

Kees cracked open an Oyster, and...

Jewelius enjoyed it!
 Dr. J had one, too!  I think he's bummed I didn't take his picture as well while he consumed it!  At any rate, that's about as raw of an Oyster as you can get!

The Oysters being cleaned!

We did some further walking, and then went to Kees' house for lunch...

This is one of my favorite shots...very picturesque!

Had to get this shot!  Mom's maiden name is Slager, which translates in Dutch to "the Butcher!"

Dad and Kees sharing details about family and Yerseke!

Kees and two of his three Sons!

The beauty of living in a small village is that you know most everyone, and Kees did not disappoint in this area.  He used his connections to show us a little more about the village.  Since I have more to share with you, you'll have to come back tomorrow for the fun!  I also want to show you those Oyster Beds!

Stay warm and dry...and have a "Jewel" of a day...(like a Pearl in an Oyster)!

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