Monday, December 24, 2012

Are Those Soft Peaks I See?


Bonjour mes amis!

Yesterday, three Special Guests arrived from Texas and Colorado!

Ms. Sapphire and the Diamond Duo!

Me and My Son!

Let the Christmas Fun begin...

I have a very short Story to share with you today, since we're all busy visiting with family and getting ready for celebrations...

The other day, as I finished up all the wrapping, I remembered that I needed to attempt some Homemade Egg Nog.  To my knowledge, the French do not have (or drink) Egg Nog they realize what they are missing?  Anyway, we decided we needed to have it, so I wrote to a close friend of mine who is an excellent cook, and asked if she had a recipe for Egg Nog.  She quickly sent me her "Better Homes and Gardens" Recipe that she's had for years.

So, I gathered my ingredients, cooked the egg yolks, sugar and milk together (forming the custard), and set the pan out on the balcony to cool.  The egg whites were safely stored away in the refrigerator.  When the custard was cooled, I got out my whisk, and began to whisk the egg whites and sugar.  (We do not have a mixer here, so there was no choice but to whisk it by hand!)

After several minutes hours of stirring and whisking, I called in Ms. Emerald to take over...perhaps the mixture was growing, but my hand was tired.  I took over again, and then Dr. J came it to take a turn.  Shortly thereafter, we called in Jewelius.  (Certainly he should help, too, right?)  I took over again, and exclaimed to Ms. Emerald...

Are Those Soft Peaks I See?

That's what I was hoping for anyway.  (The recipe said to mix until soft peaks form...)  Wow!  This was hard work without a mixer.

We were finally satisfied that perhaps there really were soft peaks forming, and we could mix the egg white mixture into the custard, stir it up, and pour it into some bottles for cooling in the frig.

Dr. J bought an interesting Spirit for our Egg Nog...

We are now enjoying our Homemade Egg Nog with our family!  Delicious!

Have a "Jewel" of a day!

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