Friday, November 30, 2012

The Turkey Whisperer...


Bonjour mes amis!

Winter's in the air, but the leaves are still falling here.  While my parents were here for their visit, we got to observe Fall at the Parc Floral.  I showed you this Park this Summer.  If you'd like to go back and see the Summer display of flowers, click HERE.  It's a very beautiful place.  The landscape has changed quite a bit, so let me share the latest views in the Parc Floral...still a beautiful place.

(*Please do read down to the end, because I have a fun little story to share with you today...)

Recognize this photo?  Check out the Header on this post for a close-up!

I love this photo of my parents!

I have been to Parc Floral many times over the years, but this visit, I got quite a surprise...

It turns out there's a whole section to this Park...
that I have never been to!?!

There's all sorts of animals!  Come, take a look!

There were peacocks running around all over the place!

Mind you...we saw this big guy just shortly before Thanksgiving!

This guy startled us by jumping right up to greet us...well, he probably wanted us to feed him really...

We were so excited to see this display!
 ...and now, you're probably all wondering why I labeled this post, "The Turkey Whisperer"!?!  Well, there's a little story to tell...

Jewelius came with us to Parc Floral, and he was noticing that this turkey was running all over the place, so he started playing with him.  I'm telling you...the turkey followed Jewelius (behind the fence) wherever he went!  It was hilarious!  Just take a look (so wish we had taken a video)...

Check out the turkey's tail feathers...tall and proud!

My Mom started to run with the turkey, too, and he followed her as well.  So, my Mom and Jewelius decided to put the turkey to a test. My Mom and Jewelius stood side-by-side (while the turkey observed both of them), and then they split up and each ran a different way.

The Turkey looked dazed for a moment...

...and then promptly ran after Jewelius!!!  This is why we now call him...

"The Turkey Whisperer"!

He does seem to have a way with animals!  Jewelius wasn't originally too thrilled to visit Parc Floral AGAIN, so having fun with the animals just "made his day"!

Time for me to get back to working on my Christmas Cheer here, so I will close now...

I do wish you a "Jewel" of a day!

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  1. Oh my I am still rolling from that turkey story!!! That is so funny! Marcus is the alpha of the turkey pack!


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