Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Special Package from Home!


Bonjour mes Amis!

I've been Missing You...for a couple of weeks now...

BUT, I'm back and want to tell you about my absence from blogging...

I recently got a Special Package from Home!  We had to go collect the special package at the Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris!

Yeah!  My parents came for a two week stay!

That's my hand waving to my Mom and Dad to get their attention...Mom sees me, for sure!
They look pretty good after traveling for so many hours!

Dad already looks like a Frenchman!

Mom's just happy to be ON THE GROUND!

What a special visit!  We gallavanted all over the place, so I have lots to share.  It was pretty special of them to come, too, since they left a warmer climate to come bundle up with us...

After my parents rested a little bit the first day, we strolled in Orléans, and I cooked them a nice meal, and then we got ready for the real site seeing...

Where did we take them?

A Chateau, of course!

Don't roll your eyes...

This is Leonardo DaVinci's place!  Don't you want to go inside?  He was an amazing guy!

I'll be sharing more real soon!  I'm so happy to be back with you!

Hope your days have been full of Jewels!


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