Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fall Craving...


Bonjour mes amis!

How can it be November already?  The months are flying!

I have been living vicariously through all the bloggers in blogland, writing about decorating
Front Porches and Mantels with Pumpkins and Wreaths and Tartan Blankets, etc.  I do love Fall, and though the trees are proudly changing their colors here in France, it doesn't seem to be as common to decorate doorways and homes with all the Fall array.  What I have been able to indulge in is making things with pumpkin puree and apples, and making warm, yummy that has been my Fall.

Last week my hubby, Dr. J, made a trip back to the U.S.  Sad as we were to see him leave, we knew what this could mean for us...

...He could bring us back some things from the U.S.
that we can't really get here!

We have access to much here, and are not suffering, but there is one thing that I have been


and gave Dr. J specific instructions to purchase...

Brach's Candy Corn!!!

It had to be Brachs!

No other brand...

...and I didn't want the kind with little pumpkins in the mix...

...OR chocolate candy corns...

Just the Plain old Candy Corns
with Yellow, Orange and White
Sugary Goodness!

Dr. J visited with Ms. Emerald over the weekend, and they begrudgingly went to gladly went to Four Stores to find specifically what I wanted!  Wasn't that sweet of them?

Here's the big bag Dr. J brought me...

...and here's what I love to mix with them...

Salted Peanuts! favorite snack mix for Fall!


While Jewelius and I were at the grocery store buying the salted peanuts, we saw this...

I've shown you these before (click HERE to look back), but we've tried several brands of Madelines here now, and...
The St. Michel ones are THE BEST!!! 

Check out the top of the bag...+50% Gratuit!  50% more free!!!  We happen to have some special guests staying with us, so we'll need a few extra of these around for Coffee time!  Since we have guests here, I will be a little "spotty" with my posts, but rest assured, I'm collecting new material to blog about.  We're going to visit some more great spots here in France and beyond, so please do come back to visit again!

Happy Fall Y'all!
Have a "Jewel" of a day!


  1. Hi!!!!!!!!
    Yum, candy corn is good!!!!
    But kit kats are better :D

  2. My mother is going to be using my google account b/c she does not have google just FYI
    < \\
    < //

  3. This is from Queena: I had use Maddies account because I do not have Gmail. I must say Jewel Baby you are one of the most creative women I know! I marvel at your ideas and how you articulate all. The Queen misses you and wishes she did not have to attack the mantle, the stairway, ok, all of the Christmas decor you have done in the past! That is not my "cup of tea"...for we Britts prefer to sip tea and eat scones.....
    Love ya Jewel!

  4. Maddie...of course you would like kit kats, because you like kitty kats! I'm still enjoying my candy corn.

    Queena...I miss you, too, and will miss having fun with your home this Christmas, too...but I miss YOU more! Love to Queena's Mama too! You Brits go on and enjoy your tea, and I'll stick to my strong French coffee!

  5. Not gonna lie, I'm not even a big fan of candy corn but now I think I will have to get some! Where did they buy Brach's??


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