Friday, January 18, 2013

My 100th Post!


Bonjour mes amis!

You know it now...from my Title!

This is my 100th Post on my Blog! 

This has been fun and rewarding, and I love hearing from people who are enjoying finding out about our adventures here in France.  Thank you so much for sticking with me, and reading all I have to say.  I'm wanting a record of all that we're doing, so in years ahead, I can look back and enjoy the memories, but it means so much to me to have you alongside of me.  Thank you, dear Readers.

Now, let's get to the Fireworks!

On January 6, the Spanish celebrated the Feast of the Epiphany...which celebrates the arrival of the three Kings (Los Reyes) in Bethlehem, as I shared with you last Sunday. (If you missed the post, you can go HERE and read all about it.) The Spanish celebrate with a big Parade with floats, and candy being thrown to children, and ends with an awesome display of Fireworks.  The Spanish love to celebrate and spend time with family, and everyone came out for this Event, so the streets were impossibly crowded, but we endured, even though it was tempting to just head back to the Hotel.

First, let me share photos of the Parade in Madrid...or atleast what we could see...

Yes, this is a float honoring the movie, Despicable Me 2!


This is one of the Floats for one of the three Kings!
After the Parade, many people started to leave, so Dr. J motioned for us to leave as well.  The crowds were oppressive, but then something changed...

The Hallelujah Chorus (from Handel's "The Messiah") started to play while we were walking away.  Tears welled in my eyes, and I yanked squeezed Dr. J's hand and exclaimed, "it feels irreverant to be walking away during the 'Hallelujah Chorus'"!  The family stopped and we listened and enjoyed.

(Let me just explain something...When we go to the Christmas Eve Service during our usual Chicago Christmas', they sing the "Hallelujah Chorus" during the Service, and I enjoy it immensely, because I sang in the Christ Church of OakBrook Chorus two years in a row...many years ago, and learned the Music well.  It affects me emotionally every time I hear this, and I hadn't been able to enjoy it previously at Christmas! So, what a treat for me!)

Back to the family indulged me, and waited while I held my emotions in and enjoyed the Music.  After it's completion, I was shocked to hear them start it again.  Two times!!!  "For the Lord God Omnimpotent Reigneth"!  Wow! Here I am in a big crowd of people and the City Officials are playing beautiful, praiseful music to the Lord!

Then, there was the Cherry on Top!  Next began the Fireworks.  We've all seen them.  We all enjoy them...BUT, have you ever enjoyed Fireworks to...

Vivaldi's "Gloria in Excelsis Deo"? 
(This means, Glory to God in the Highest!)

Again, I was amazed to hear this in this bustling, busy city!

I'm going to share the Fireworks photos, and I have linked in a short portion of the Fireworks that Dr. J filmed to the Music at the end.  It is amazing!  Do enjoy it!

Click Play and Enjoy!

This was a very emotional occurrence for me, but I loved every minute of it!  And, I thank you for celebrating with me for my 100th post today!

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

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