Thursday, January 24, 2013

Have you seen Quasimodo?


Bonjour mes amis!

Our snow is gone, but it's still cold here, so we're staying in, most evenings.  For Christmas, we gave Jewelius this Puzzle...

When he was a little boy, he loved to carry Dice around in his hands, and make up games.  He had all sorts of Dice, so this just reminded me of him.  I thought this would be a good family project to work on together.  We started it over Christmas, but then had to set it aside.  Dr. J has taken it on again, and he's making progress...

I guess Jewelius and I better get in there and help him.  It's as hard as it looks!

Most of you know the story of...
from Victor Hugo's
"The Hunchback of Notre Dame"

If not from reading the book, or seeing a Play, it's likely you've seen the Disney cartooned Movie!  Well, the real life Notre Dame is an amazing place, and I have shown you a few pictures of Notre Dame before, and perhaps even a few interior pictures, but today I want to show you some more perspectives...Gargoyles and all!

Isn't this TRULY Amazing!?!

Dr. J used the long lens and was able to take spectacular close-ups of the Stained Glass Windows!

I LOVE to capture the shadows in places like this!

This latest trip to Notre Dame also took place the day after Christmas, with our Children.  They were IMPRESSED, to say the least.  We wanted to see it all.  We even waited in a very long line, for an hour+, to climb the Towers to view the heights...but...
It was worth every Minute!
Just take a look, and don't be too spooked by the Gargoyles, but do notice their personalities...quite a nice bit of comedy up there, as well as great views!

This guy has a great view of the Eiffel Tower!

Safety first!  But, look how close up we could get to those Gargoyles!

Me and Dr. J!
The Eiffel Tower, of course!

Awesome view of Sacre Cœur!

Look at the line of people waiting to go into Notre Dame!

As usual, I love the Architecture!

I think he's sticking his Tongue out!

This guy kind of creeped us out!

This was an AWESOME day!  We huddled together in the cold and asked a kind stranger to get us all in one picture...

So...which Gargoyle was your favorite?  For me, the guy with the goatee is kind of cool, but his eyes freak me out, so I'll have to say my favorite is the one in the first shot of the Gargoyles, where he's propping his chin up with his hands!

Stay warm, and I hope you have a "JEWEL" of a day!

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