Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Château De Versailles is "Golden"!


Bonjour mes amis!

I've been showing you some of the hotspots we went to with our family in Paris over Christmas, but are you ready to see some "over the top" Luxury today?  This really is a "not to miss" attraction in Paris.  We took our family in 2004, and everyone was excited to go again.  Let me show you...

The Château De Versailles was originally built for Louis XIII, and Louis XIV enlarged it.  The place is Massive (with a capital "M")...and Golden, as you will see!  Sorry for the picture overload, but this place really is massive, as I say, and there's so much to take in!  The Front Gate amazes you first!

Look at all that Gold!

This is the Chapel!

And, now we'll go on into other rooms...

What?  Tired already?

Check out the size of this painting!  There were many in this Château!

The Ceilings are ASTOUNDING!

Of course, I couldn't neglect the Doors...

The Château was so crowded the day we went that you will notice the bulk of our pictures were looking up!  Yes, there was furniture in many of the rooms, and lovely beds, but the amazement really was in the ceilings, and on the walls!

I even liked the "golden" Window Hardware!

Next is my FAVORITE room in the Château...the Hall of Mirrors!  I think there were more than 20 Chandeliers, with many Sconce lights as well, which I didn't count!  I imagine a few Balls went on in this Room!

  Checking out the Chandeliers from underneath!

Moving right along...

What do you think of THIS Bedroom???

Check out the Detail...

Even the Hallways were quite Grand!

There was one HUGE Room with all HUGE Paintings of Battles!

And, now let's move Outside...so we can breathe...

I caught Ms. Sapphire "Jumping for Joy" over her trip to Versailles!

These two really do love eachother!

Stunning property, isn't it?  And, this is in Winter...

My Beautiful Family (minus Dr. J and me)...

After taking this all in, it was time for an Espresso Break!

Dr. J dragged guided us all to the Grand Trianon (we were all tired, so some of us, who should remain nameless, didn't want to go)...

One last look back at Versailles by night as we leave...

It was a Golden Day!  I hope you enjoyed getting to see the Château De Versailles!  I couldn't show you near enough here, but now you've got a pretty good idea that no expense was spared in the building of this Château!

Have a "Jewel" of a day!

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