Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What I miss in the USA...


Bonjour mes amis!

I had planned to tell y'all about our visit to the "old country" today, but let's face it, I haven't been blogging for too long, so I keep forgetting that I have my weekly post, Top Ten Tuesday.

Well, before I get into that, let me just go ahead and take away the suspense...

We went to The Netherlands...
(aka Holland, aka the "Old Country").

Since Dr. J and I are both of Dutch descent, it's important that we get there while we have the opportunity.  Dr. J stays in contact with relatives from Friesland, in the north of Holland, and my family is from the south of Holland.  We went to visit Dr. J's relatives, and here's just one shot, taken along the road in Friesland, to put you in the mood for tomorrow's post.  It will undoubtedly be just the shot you picture, when you think of Holland...

Picture postcard perfect!!!

Now, down to today's subject...

Top Ten Tuesday
What I miss in the USA...

#10 = Texas
(okay, so France is pretty great, but I do love lots of things about Texas!)
This photo was taken in Holland last weekend, but it reminded me of Texas!

#9 = Ross Stores, Marshall's, T J Maxx, etc.
(okay, so I don't really miss these too bad...yet,
but I'm sure I'll be sick of my clothes after one year, and looking for a bargain!)

(I could list Hobby Lobby and Michaels in there, too, since they don't seem to have "Craft" Stores here!)

#8 = My Decorations and Dishes
(I only crossed this out for dramatic effect!  I do wish I had a few pretty things here with me!)
(If you know me personally, you probably thought this would be #1 on my list!)
(...then again...I don't have to DUST as many things here...)

#7 = My Crockpot!
(Well, I am managing, but with the weather getting cooler, it sounds so nice to make soup in the crockpot!  This could definitely be considered one of Dr. J's Top 10 missed things though!)

#6 = My Home
(...but I don't really miss cleaning it...)

#5 = Shopping with my Sisters at
Canton Flea Market!
(Definitely not crossing this out!)

#4 = My Church Family & Friends!
(Too bad I couldn't share a picture of everyone, but here's a few of them...)

#3 = My Bed!
(I really do miss my comfy bed and the beautiful quilt Grandma Jewel made for us last Christmas!)
(My apologies to my dear friends for ranking my Bed higher, but the mattress just isn't cutting it here!)

#2 = My Midwest Family!
(Dr. J and I have dearly loved Parents, Sisters and Brother-in-laws, and Nieces and Nephews
who we miss a lot!
It's tough not being there for all the family occasions...


#1 = My Children!!!
(I think this goes without saying...but they are very precious to me and I really miss them!)

My daughters, Ms. Emerald and Ms. Sapphire


My son and daughter-in-love, the Diamond Duo

I hope you've enjoyed my musings today.  I am content and enjoying my life here in France.  Soon, I hope to have several of the lovely people I've mentioned, visit, and enjoy a little slice of our current life with us.

Until tomorrow, mes amis...have a "Jewel" of a day!

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