Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Top Ten Meals...


Bonjour mes amis!

It's Top Ten Tuesday again, and I'm ready to share with you...

While we have occasionally enjoyed Restaurants here in France, it's expensive to eat out, so I have done my best to cook meals here, and have tried out some new recipes on Dr. J and Jewel Jr. 

Here's our Top 10 choices of meals I've made since arriving in France...

#10 = Ziti Bake
 (Can't go wrong with Italian Pasta!)

#9 = Chili con Carne with Cousin Cheryl's Corn Bread
(This meal was only made possible because of this lovely care package we received.. Thank you, Lisa!)

#8 = Hamburger Stroganoff
(made with Sheep's Milk Yogurt)

#7 = Meatloaf & Mashed Potatoes
 (Good old standby, and it tastes delicious with the Heudebert Biscuits I crush for bread crumbs!)

#6 = Roast Chicken
(Easy and tasty...just salt and pepper a whole chicken, and...Voila!)

#5 = BBQ Pork Roast
(Yes, I found some BBQ sauce here in France...not as good as in Texas, but it'll have to do...)

#4 = Julia Child's French Onion Soup
(Why not?  We're in France! And the baguettes here just make it!)
 Take a look!

No, we don't have wine EVERY night!

#3 = Rachael Ray's Parmesan Crusted Tilapia
(but we used Pangasus Fish!)

#2 = Chicken Stuffed with Golden Onions & Fontina
(...only I used a mix of French Cheeses...Delicious and pretty easy!)
Sharing the Recipe... 

#1 = Pork Chops Deluxe

(No pictures, but I will share my Mother-in-Love's Recipe!  It's a Family Favorite!)

1 lb. Pork Chops
2-3 cups Beef Stock
1 Tbsp. Butter
1 tsp. Salt
1 Egg
½ cup Bread Crumbs

Dip Pork Chops in slightly beaten Egg, then dip in Crumbs.

Place chops in large, buttered baking dish, top each with bits of butter.

Brown under broiler.

Cover with Stock, and cover and cook in 325 degree oven for 1 ½ hours.

Note: The broiling makes the difference!

These pork chops are very good, tender and juicy!  Enjoy!

These Pork Chops are on the menu for tonight, since we're having an American visitor (that we met at Church on Sunday) over for dinner!  Must go get the baguettes soon!

Tomorrow is a really special day for our family.  Sadly, we have to celebrate in absence.   Do please come back and celebrate online with us!

À bientôt!


  1. Personally I think that the roast chicken sounds the best :D

  2. The apartment does smell REALLY good when there's a Roasted Chicken in the oven. Do I have to do a post on Top 10 Smells now? Haha!

  3. I liked this segment!!!!!! I think everything sounds good.


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