Thursday, October 25, 2012

Belgian Breakfast for Two!


Bonjour mes amis!

Last Saturday Morning, there were just two of us for Breakfast, and it was raining...again!
(hmmmm...seems to be a pattern here in the Fall in France...although, I can't complain, because it's been gorgeous weather now since Sunday...)
Anyway, no one felt like going out in the rain to buy Fresh Croissants, even though that sounded like a really yummy breakfast...

Since we didn't have any nice fresh bread, or yummy croissants, I thought through what I had purchased on my last grocery shopping trip...

I bought these gorgeous Strawberries!

The sign said they were from Belgium.  They look more like the American Strawberries I'm used to buying, so I snatched them up.  (The French ones are smaller, but the nice thing about the French ones is that you waste almost none of them...just pluck off the green leaves...and they're always sweet).

It also occurred to me that I also bought these...

Belgian Waffles coated on one side with Chocolate!  Yummm!  Maybe not the most healthy thing to add to the breakfast, but hey, it was Saturday...anything goes on the weekend, right!?!

I quickly got my frying pan going for some delicious Brown Eggs...

...and cleaned and trimmed the Strawberries, and...


Breakfast was served!

Goodness, I had those plates awfully close to the edge of the table for their little photo shoot!  The eggs don't look too fancy, either, but we REALLY enjoyed this breakfast.
We should go "Belgian" more often!

I wish you a "Jewel" of a day!

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