Monday, October 8, 2012



Bonjour mes amis!

I hope you had an enjoyable weekend.  I know I did...but not in France...

This past weekend, we were able to get back to the "old country".  I'll explain more about that tomorrow...


I know you're really checking in today to find out about the Salon-du-Chocolat we visited last weekend!  Who can resist a Chocolate Festival?  It certainly appealed to me and Jewel Jr.  Outside the Château I told you about last Friday (if you missed it, you can read about it HERE), there were many Chocolatiers (and other vendors) from regions of France, sharing what they make, and many also had samples.  Here's a few pictures...

Dried fruits!

The place was packed with people!  It was tough to get to the samples, but we managed...
We bought some really nice cookies from this lady from Provence.  The cookies were made with things like almond, figs and poppy flowers.  Very moist and tasty and different!!!  The Vendor likes Americans, so she gave us an extra cookie for free...believe me, they were not cheap...I guess it was kind of like getting a Baker's Dozen!

Torteaux Fromagés, literally translated means Cheese Turtles and Jewel Jr. wanted one... we obliged him!

I guess this is supposed to be their version of Cheesecake here!

This is what we found inside, kind of like a sponge cake with an outer thin crust.  Very unique dessert!

Well, I hope you enjoyed visiting the Salon-Du-Chocolat with us.  As you can see, we didn't even buy any chocolate.  However, on Tuesday evening, Tim (the visitor from Nebraska) came back to spend the evening with us, and spoiled us with this lovely presentation..

...and Madame Jewel received flowers, too!  (Thank you, very kind!  We enjoyed your visit!)

I'm going to catch up on laundry, and load some pictures, and then I'll be back tomorrow to share the adventure we went on this weekend.  I'll give you a was about a 7 hour drive!

Have a "Jewel" of a day!


  1. Hey sweety: I put "Torteau Fromagés" (without the "x") into Bing translator and it came out as "Coca Cheeses" rather than turtle cheeses... It wouldn't translate if I kept the "x". Turtle cheeses reverse translated to: "tortues de fromage". Not sure what is going on with this, but thought you might be interested in reading it anyway.

  2. Those are some pretty flowers, I love the pic of M-Cus and his treat!


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