Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jackpot on the "Old Stuff"...


Bonjour mes amis!

How's your day going?  Has the weather improved where you are?  I'm sure thankful for the Sun again.  It does make it feel like Spring is on the way, even if it's still cold!

Let's take a little break from Provence today, so I can tell you about something else I did friend, Eva, and I hit up the Thrift Store here!

Well, in France, it's called a Dépôt-Vente!

It may be a combination Thrift Store/Consignment Store, I'm not sure, but there's a big one in Orléans, with lots of furniture and old stuff, so we had fun!  In France, there's a lot of "old stuff", and the French tend to like new and modern stuff, much like many Americans.  But, I like picking up things that have a little history and wondering about them, and decorating with them...naturally.  Oh no!  Am I going all Shabby Chic?

The other week, we "hit the jackpot" on some "old stuff"...

Eva spotted these Antique Postcard Booklets from villages all over France, near the Store Register.  As soon as she pointed them out, I looked through them and decided that most of them would be coming home with me.  Eva casually asked the Saleswoman how much they cost.  She sort of rolled her eyes a little (giving us the idea that she just wanted to get rid of them) and said, One Euro each.  What?  Trying not to seem too excited, we greedily carefully grabbed took them all, between us.

This packet had loose postcards, but all the others were booklets...

I love scenes with Mountains and Churches, don't you?

And, of course, every postcard has "Carte Postale" beautifully printed on the back...

I also spotted this plate of an Old Mill displayed on an old buffet.  While this might not be that old (and it's probably more of a tourist souvenir), this is in a place along the Loiret River I have seen nearby, so I thought it was worth having for myself as a Souvenir...and though I live here right now, I'm still kind of a Tourist...

On our final walk through the Store/Warehouse, I spotted this Salt Cellar, and it wanted to come home with me...

So it did!  Of course, now we use Salt and Pepper Shakers and Grinders, so these aren't really used anymore, but I think it's a neat Conversation Piece, and a fun Souvenir.

(By the way, did you know that the word, Souvenir, is a French word?
It translates into English as "Memory"!  Neat, huh?)

Also, incidentally, I looked online, and found a Baccarat Crystal Salt Cellar listed for $115.  Mine was only Five Euros, but I think it's adorable!

After Christmas, my Ms. Emerald and I spent a day in Paris, attempting to go to Brocante shops, and enjoying a special Lunch.  One shop in Montmarte was really fun, and this is what I bought there...

I'm saving all my pretty Old Lace for now.  I got one more thing as well.  Wouldn't these adorable little girl's Crocheted Gloves be pretty with some spring flowers and ribbon for an Easter decoration? (I'm such a sucker for dainty crocheted things!)

The 1921 French Book, under the gloves, I purchased for One Euro during my outing with Eva!

When we first got to France, I told Dr. J he didn't need to buy me gifts while we are here, that he should just let me fill up one additional suitcase to take back with me.  I so wish I could bring back a nice piece of a pretty Antique French Buffet, with curvy legs...but for now, these other items have quenched my desire on the quest for "Old Stuff"...

Do you like "Old Stuff" too?

Oh good.  I'm glad to know I'm not alone.

Have a "Jewel" of a day!

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