Monday, February 4, 2013

"Under the Weather..."


Bonjour mes amis!

From the title of my Post, I'm guessing that you now know how generous Jewelius is with me.  He shared...

The Flu...

I got almost no sleep last night, and I've been in bed ALL DAY today.  Jewelius spent the day in bed today, too.  I think he overdid it yesterday, and wasn't fully well.  So, Dr. J stayed home and cared for us.  We're praying he doesn't get this, because he has some big things with work this week.

Living here in France and learning French, I've noticed how many phrases I say and I don't know why I say them.  For example...

"Under the Weather"!

I know it means you are feeling sick, but where in the world did this phrase come from? Since I can only handle being on the computer for a few minutes today, let me just share with you...what I found from Answer Bag...

"To be under the weather is to be unwell. This comes from a maritime source. In the old days, when a sailor was unwell, he was sent down below to help his recovery, under the deck and away from the weather.

Under the weather. To feel ill. Originally it meant to feel seasick or to be adversely affected by bad weather." 

Well, I think that feeling seasick is an awesome comparison with the Flu.  I hope you've escaped it this year!  Not fun!

I hope your day is more full of "Jewels" than mine has been!
(Well, it has been nice being pampered...)

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