Friday, February 15, 2013

Fleurs et La Neige!


Bonjour mes amis! was your Valentine's Day?  I have to say that Mine was quite pleasant.  My Hubby brought me these...Fleurs!!!

So pretty, and so making me think about Spring...

He didn't even remember that we had Iris' at our Wedding...infact, the Bridesmaid's Dresses were the color Periwinkle.  Men don't usually dwell on such things...but I still remember!

The flowers were all wrapped up with this sweet sticker, holding some ribbon in place...I love getting anything written in French...especially when it's a really good Message!

Je t'aime aussi, Dr. J!!!


Today, I wanted to share one more day with you from last weekend's trip to Geyssans, France...where we got to enjoy a little bit of "La Neige"...the Snow!  We drove up in the Mountains, and made short stops along the way!

Can you see the Waterfall?  Most of it is Frozen Solid!

I'm drawn to berries with the backdrop of Snow!

Just Awesome!


Back at our Friend's House in Geyssans...

Out for a nice Dinner in Romans!

The next day, the pretty views were still there...

Even from Inside the House...and it was Snowing!

I adored watching the little Birds come to the Window to Dine...quite a view!

Such a nice Visit with our Friends...our thanks to them for their Hospitality!

So, that wraps up last weekend...wonder what we'll do this weekend?  Are you making plans already?  How can February be half over already?  We have so much more to see in Europe before our time is done here...we better get a move on!

Have a "Jewel" of a Day!

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