Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fussing for the French Students...


Bonjour mes amis!

Dr. J and I have a task to accomplish today...
(Sorry!  I'll post more about last weekend tomorrow!)

We've been invited to share American Culture at Jewelius' School for their...

International Day!!!

The Stars and Stripes (and one Texas Flag) are coming out...

...and anything else American we can find around here.  We don't have much here with us, since we only carried two suitcases each for our one year stay!

These should look somewhat familiar to the Students for introducing Leisure time!

To our knowledge, Jewelius is the only American at his School in Orléans.  There will be 36 countries represented at International Day, and it is all geared around teaching the Lycée students (High School level) about different cultures around the world.

We have been granted much freedom on this, so we will be sure to share Food (fastest way to a teen's heart, right?), Money, Sports (they've never heard of Ultimate Frisbee here!), Holiday Traditions, Measurements, American High Schools and some specifics about our great State of Texas, etc.  We also plan to give them a fun Quiz just to see how much they really know about the U.S.A!  I don't think we need to share much about American Music and Movies here...they listen to and watch them all the time!

So, yesterday, I fussed... 

Yup!  I'm making about 100 Mini-Cupcakes (in French Mini-Briochette pans) to share.
Am I crazy?
Probably!  Since the best recipe I make here is my Chocolate Cake, this is the one I'm using.  I've shared the recipe with you before, but if you want to make it yourself, you can find the instructions HERE in my Post from last Fall.  Here's the finished product to share with the Students...

I put the Buttercream Frosting in the middle...hoping they will travel better this way.  I'm reasonably sure they'll go over well.  Perhaps we need to offer some Chips and Salsa to balance the sweetness!

And...we'll share something to drink.  What are we going to share?  What's a more Texan drink than Dr. Pepper?  (Well, Iced Tea is pretty Texan, but maybe more Southern, so we will stick to Dr. Pepper...which, by the way, is rather expensive here, but atleast it's available in the American section of the grocery store!  1.09 Euros per can!!!  I've never seen it in a vending machine, though...)

I'm working on a Table Setup...First, the food... 
This is me...I gotta "Stage" something...

(Not all of these items are available for purchase here...some were imported on a plane by relatives...)

Maybe Dr. J will do most of the talking???????  Well, atleast I'm told if we speak in English, there will be a Bilingual Teacher in the room with us with all these students.  We will get 15-16 students every half hour, with a total of about six different groups.

Pardon me...I have to go...we didn't buy enough Dr. Pepper, and I need to run back to the store...hopefully they'll give me some discounts at Auchan for all the American Products I am helping them keep in stock!

Have you ever gotten to do something like this?  When Jewelius was in 8th grade, we had the opportunity to share our Dutch Heritage, and that was loads of fun, but this is different...now we're sharing what we know with a completely different culture!  You know I'll bring the camera with me...hope the students aren't shy!

Better run...
Have a "Jewel" of a day!

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