Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pop Quiz, Dr. Pepper and Suspended Houses!


Bonjour mes amis!

Today is a Special Day for me.  On this date, some 29-1/2 years ago, I said,
 "I Do" Dr. J.  We have been very blessed Together, and I am Thankful to God for my Husband.  Since our half-year Anniversary falls on the day before Valentine's Day, we have always taken advantage of that and celebrated at a Restaurant BEFORE the Restaurants are fully booked on February 14.  Tonight, though, I'll be making a cozy dinner at home.  I already have a Pork Roast in the oven, and will dream up some yummy things to have with it.  It's not that I don't want to go out for dinner, but we often go out to eat here, and I thought a nice Roast with some BBQ Sauce sounds perfectly wonderful for dinner tonight!

Yesterday, I told you about our plan for Jewelius' School's International Day!  We had quite a nice time.  I'll share a few photos.  We set up the main center table with food, and had small Stations all around the room.  My mini-cupcakes went over quite well!  (One of the girls even asked me for the recipe!)  We had an enjoyable afternoon, and guess what?  Students here do play Ultimate Frisbee!  I guess we've just never seen a game in progress!

I think two of the girls in this first shot were posing for me!

Taking our Quiz on the U.S.A...

Finally...time to try the American Treats!  Most of the students had never had Dr. Pepper before...

The Terminale Students (Senior Year Students!) were definitely the most animated!  We ended up talking with five groups of students, and we gave a roll of Oreo Cookies to the highest scoring winner of our Quiz in each group!  This went over quite well, too...(the Oreos, that is)!

Do you want to see how you could do on our quiz?  Here it is...

How much do you know about the U.S.A.?

1. How many States are there in the USA?
     a. 48
     b. 60
     c. 50
     d. 51

2. Which is the largest State?
     a. Florida
     b. California
     c. Texas
     d. Alaska

3. What is the largest crop grown in the USA?
     a. Corn
     b. Wheat
     c. Soybeans
     d. Cotton

4. What is the Capital of the State of Texas?
     a. Dallas
     b. Austin
     c. Houston
     d. Fort-Worth

5. When is Independence Day in the USA?
     a. September 11
     b. April 5
     c. December 25
     d. July 4

6. Who was the first President of the USA?
     a. Abraham Lincoln
     b. Thomas Jefferson
     c. Barack Obama
     d. George Washington

7. How many school days each year in the USA?
     a. 200
     b. 100
     c. 365
     d. 180

8. Which sport is most popular in the USA?
     a. American Football
     b. Soccer
     c. Ultimate Frisbee
     d. Baseball

9. What is the most typical/popular American food?
     a. Hot Dogs
     b. Cheeseburger
     c. Pizza
     d. Fried Chicken

10. How much are these coins worth?
     a. Dime
     b. Nickel
     c. Quarter
     d. Penny

11. Which State has the highest Mountain?
     a. Mount Rainier - Washington
     b. Mount McKinley - Alaska
     c. Pikes Peak - Colorado
     d. Mount Shasta - California

12. What is the National Bird in the USA?
     a. Robin
     b. Stork
     c. Cockatoo
     d. Eagle

13. Which City has the highest Population?
     a. Chicago
     b. New York
     c. Dallas
     d. Los Angeles

14. What is the primary Language in the USA?
     a. Chinese
     b. Spanish
     c. English
     d. French

15. Name three American Movies.
16. Name three American TV Shows.
17. Name three American Singers or Bands.

What do you think?  How did you do?

First, before I go today, I wanted to share a little bit more about our visit to Geyssans over last weekend.  We visited Pont-en-Royans where there were these Suspended Homes in the Mountainside...

Would you like to live in one of these?

A few of the balconies didn't look that trustworthy to me...


It was a beautiful Village to visit...

Jewelius even got to "build" (???) a Snowman...

I thought the Vines along the fence were neat, with the puffy white balls...

I'll be back tomorrow...

Oh!  Did you want the answers to the Quiz, to see how you did?  Here they are...
1. c, 2. d, 3. a, 4. b, 5. d, 6. d, 7. d, 8. a, 9. b, 10. 10 cents, 5 cents, 25  cents, 1 cent, 11. b, 12. d, 13. b, 14. c
(We didn't go over questions 15, 16 and 17.  These students know American TV, Movies and Music!)

I hope you did well on this.  If you got a 13/14 or a 14/14, I hope you will go out and buy yourself some Oreo cookies to celebrate!

Have a "Jewel" of a Day!

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