Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Road Trip Winter Project!


Bonjour mes amis!

How are you doing?   Having a good day?  We've got another sunny day here, and I'm still happily enjoying my flowers from Dr. J.  The Iris' gave it up, but my soft yellow daisies are still looking nice!

Subject of the day today is...Road Trips!  Our Family seems to like to take Road Trips.  For many years, our Vans have made the trek from Dallas to Chicago...seemingly the van knows the way by now...and we do enjoy these trips!  In France, we're doing the exact same thing...Road Trips!  Road Trips mean hours in the car, sometimes on boring highways, so...

When Ms. Emerald was making her plans to come visit us for Christmas, I begged kindly asked her to bring me some Yarn in her Suitcase.  Yarn is a little expensive here, and I just wanted to have some on hand to make a Project...didn't know what I was going to make, but knew I could find a pattern (see Ravelry.com...great website!), and this would give me something new to do...especially for our Road Trips...

So, Ms. Emerald made sure I received four skeins of this...

Nice and neutral, and pretty...the color is Antique White!

I brought a few crocheting patterns with me, but also scoured Ravelry for something to make...it couldn't be anything too complicated, because on a Road Trip, I need to look at my surroundings, and sometimes help Dr. J with Map Reading (okay, yes, we do have GPS, but sometimes "Ms. Know It All"...that's what we call her...gets us confused, and she isn't clear, or sometimes she doesn't tell us to turn until the last minute)!  Also, sometimes, I have to yell at (because he usually has his ear buds in) kindly ask Jewelius to get us a snack or a drink.

So, you get the picture.  It must be an easy pattern that can be worked on for HOURS!  So, I found a pattern that I brought with me, for a blanket, and it's just the ticket!  Here's the pattern picture...

And...I already have fifteen little Hexagons all made and they are ready for Edging...

The Pattern calls for 53 of these little GEMS!

I'm enjoying making these.  Last weekend, we went to Bourges, and I made atleast 5 or 6 in the car...I pretty well have the pattern memorized now!

Next Road Trip planned is to Provence!
Can you believe it?  I'm so excited!  This is where I have wanted to go!!!

So, what do you do on Road Trips?  I like to be productive...and it gets so boring playing game after game of Solitaire...crocheting is way more fun for me!

Have a "Jewel" of a Road Trip Day!

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