Saturday, February 16, 2013

For the Love of Lardons!


Bonjour mes amis!

As you no doubt know, part of living in another Culture is getting used to the Foods of that Country.  Honestly, it hasn't been too hard to get used to living in France.  I love all the Bread and Desserts and there's no bigger fan of Fois Gras in our family than me!  Just about all the Food is delicious...well, I'm not crazy about Andouille Sausage, and you won't catch me even trying Boudin Noir (translates to Blood Sausage)...yes, the Sausages here scare me a bit.

There's one thing I discovered on a delicious Salad several years ago that I just Love...for several reasons...


These are small cuts of pork that taste like Bacon!  (I'm sure I have your attention now!)  This is how they are packaged, and what they look like when you buy them.

Here's why I love these...

1.  They are cut up tiny, and packaged all cut up, so you can just open a package (even if they're frozen) and throw them in the frying pan.

2.  They fry up in minutes.

3.  They are not as greasy as regular American Bacon, so they don't make a mess when you are frying them.

4.  They taste Great, and make anything you make, taste Great!

Did I mention that they taste great?  Oh, yes!  Well, they do!

When I get back to Texas, and I buy those big three packs of bacon from Sam's Club, I'm going to partially freeze a pound or two of bacon, and then take it out and cut the slices into small pieces.  This is so much easier than frying individual slices.

I wonder whose Idea it was to package Lardons this way?  In my book, the person was a complete GENIUS!!!

I made some Cheesy Potato Soup the other night and quick fried up two packages of Lardon (actually, now that I look at the packaging, these were Allumettes...whatever...very similar!), and threw them right into the soup!  Delicious!

I made the Cheesy Potato Soup from scratch...I've even been able to find some blocks of Sharp Cheddar Cheese recently.  (It has been very hard for us Texans to live without Cheddar Cheese all these months...although we are not suffering in the Cheese Department!)

As I'm typing this (on Friday), I'm also thinking I need to go get ready.  I'm having lunch with a friend.  I thought I'd bring her a little Valentine Greeting (one day late!), so I made her a small loaf of my Carrot Bread!

Going to get ready now...Happy Weekend...and,
I do hope you have a "Jewel" of a Day!

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