Monday, February 18, 2013

Two Quick Stops...


Bonjour mes amis!

Happy Monday!  The Sun is shining here today.  It's a beautiful day, albeit, still cool, but I got to sleep in a little bit, too!  Here in France, the Schools are on quite a different Schedule than in the U.S., and Jewelius now has a two week Winter Break, so there was no rush getting out of bed this morning!

A few days ago...well, maybe it was a week or more ago by now...I was telling you about some more time we spent site-seeing with our children.  Today I want to show you a couple quick stops we made with them.

First, a stop at a Vineyard for a Wine Tasting...
Unfortunately, we stopped here on December 31, 2012, so we were not able to take a tour.  We were able to do a tasting though.  The white wines were the best at this Vineyard.

Next stop...Château de Chambord...
But it was too late in the day to tour the place adequately, so we had to just admire it from the outside.  I have told you about this amazing place before, so if you want a peak back at the inside, click HERE to take a look around...

I spotted this pretty little Fleur-de-Lis on our way back to the car...some day I need to get a fence with such pretty ornaments...ahhhhh!

I think I've told you about all the places we visited while all of our children were here for the Holidays.  I know there were some day trips with Ms. Emerald, so I may pop in to tell you about those along the way...but I've got so much more to tell you about, because we have made some fabulous friends here, and have been able to enjoy fun times with them in France as well.

I hope you have a productive and enjoyable week in whatever you do...

As always, have a "Jewel" of a Day!

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