Friday, June 24, 2016

The beauty of La Rochelle!


Bonjour mes amis!

Why is it that whenever you enter a big City, there's always graffiti to view first?

This was the case as we entered La Rochelle, France...after we visited the Office of Tourism, of course!

The Artists were pretty talented, though, I have to say!

We have seen some pretty amazing Anchors this trip as well, though, with these port cities!

Here's our next views of La Rochelle!  Beautiful!

There are three towers (Tour de la Lanterne, Tour de la Chaine, and Tour Sainte-Nicolas), and they all made the harbor look so beautiful.  Though we didn't go and climb the towers, they really speak to this old City.

This next gate welcomed us into the City, basically the commercial part of town.  There were many shops and twists and turns.  We took a walking tour for about an hour!

Of course, we visited a Church in town.  There were stained-glass windows!

In Orléans, where we've been living, there is a shop whose name translates into "My wife is crazy", and Dr. J always likes to point out this shop when we are downtown, to tease me.  It's actually a boutique shop of jewelry and accessories.  The following shop in La Rochelle caught my eye, and I told Dr. J that we needed a picture of this store!

Rue des bonnes femmes literally translates to "Street of good women"!  Now that's more like it!

La Rochelle was very busy and crowded, but also very enjoyable!

We were able to enjoy a quiet dinner in a Restaurant on a street away from all the tourists (thanks to the recommendation of our host at the B&B)! After about two weeks of living in France, I finally got to have duck for dinner!

These next photos I took from the car, but this building amazed me!  This is the Gare in La Rochelle, the train station!  It's amazing!

As we returned to our Bed and Breakfast Cottage, we decided to take a walk around the grounds, because the owner told us they had quite a bit of land, and we were welcome to explore.

I mean, who has donkeys just behind their backyard?  These two were running around and playful, but as soon as we got close, they stood still, like they were posing...and bored!

The homeowners raised their children in this home, so the grounds were quite ready to receive children.  What a fun backyard for kids!

I love how many resting spots and large amount of patio this home has.  Amazing!

Next time, I'll show you some of the rooms on the inside of this beautiful home.  Get ready for antiques and authentic French views!

À bientot!

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  1. Hahaha I love the comment about the donkeys. Is that why animals at the zoo are boring? They are staying still and posing for us?


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