Monday, June 13, 2016

A Country Drive on the way to Gien!


Bonjour mes amis!

We finally found a Route out of town, Ms. Sapphire and I!

And what beautiful views we had along the way!

Other than visiting Châteaux in France, driving through small Villages and the Countryside is my favorite thing to do here!

Well, I like to eat the food here, too, but I know you know that was a given!

We got side-tracked with some signs along the way in a small Village...

And made an emergency stop for an Eclair at the Pâtisserie...that we shared!  This was the real deal!

We got on our way, and stopped to see a couple of old Churches.  First, a Basilica that Dr. J and I have visited on several occasions...

The Organ Pipes inside are amazing!

On our way to the second Church, we once again saw the level of flooding of the Loire River...

Here we are in Germigny-de-Pres!  This Church began construction in 803 AD!

Impressive Mosaic work!

And we were on the road again, enjoying the views!

The City of Gien is also along the Loire River, so we saw still more flooding...

Our first stop in Gien (and last stop for today) was at the Faiencerie.  Gien is known for it's beautiful China and Stoneware.

Ms. Sapphire even chose a small piece to bring home with her!

Until next time...
À bientôt!

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