Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A Dream of a Day!


Bonjour mes amis!

I hope you are well wherever you are!  Ahh, Summer...

It has been so exciting for me to look back through all of the beautiful places I have been in France, and it was pretty thrilling to make some stops with my daughter, Ms. Sapphire, recently.  For today, I'd like to show you just the outside of a Castle, Château de Sully-sur-Loire, to which my Father exclaimed "Now THIS is a Castle!", and you are welcome to look again at my visit with my parents to this enchanting place HERE!

There are towers and old stone, and a moat.  It's all one looks for in a Castle, isn't it?

Well, Ms. Sapphire was pretty "wowed!" by this one, too.  It was late in the day, so we didn't even go inside.  We just admired the outside, and took some photos with neat views, and I hope you enjoy it too!

It's like a dream from the past, isn't it?  I must be subconsciously living here as though I am a permanent resident, because of late, I've been dreaming heavily about living in France.

My dream this morning was perhaps even in the French language, except that I dreamed that a friend from Dallas had returned to France, too, but she couldn't remember any French.  She showed up at my door and sat next to me on the sofa with a new baby in her arms (that looked just like her older son), and...

She wanted me to talk with some French friends, because she thought I'd be able to communicate with them, and...

She wanted me to ask some people we both knew for four recipes for delicious foods she had eaten while here in France!

Naturally, I was flattered to help, but I was also flattered that she thought I could speak enough French to communicate this desire!  (Incidentally, I do think I could, atleast in simplified form)!

And then, a long, loud siren of a police car jolted me awake!  That siren seemed to last two to three minutes!  For a moment there, I wondered if it was a warning siren, like we have for tornado and bad weather warnings back in Texas.

Hold on...I wanted to finish my dream!  Wait!  Wait!  Oh well, I can't get back there now!  Does that happen to you?

Whatever those four recipes she wanted me to request, I'm sure they were good, but...

Sometimes it's hard to replicate French recipes in the U.S.A., anyway...

Wow!  Aren't dreams weird?  Now I'm wondering why that old friend (who has never been to France a day in her life) never told me she had another baby? is it that the baby looks just like her older son, when I know that this friend is now divorced from her husband, and on top of that, she's my that would make her a very old mother!

Dreams can really jolt your day!  I'm glad I have these pictures from this REALLY HAPPENED day with my Ms. Sapphire!

I hope you don't have a "dreamy" day.  Make it a "Jewel"!

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