Friday, June 10, 2016

Route Barrée! Pas de problème!


Bonjour mes amis!

What is one to do when there is an Inondation in France?  (That's a flood in English!)  Our hope was to travel the countryside and visit a nice City, like Gien or Montargis.  Ms. Sapphire and I had all the motivation and the time...and then we came upon this...

...Several times!

The water was too deep to safely pass, so our GPS was going crazy planning new routes!

We finally gave up and came up with an entirely new plan.

What if we stayed near the river, but went to a place I'd visited before?  Hmmm...remember my sweet visit in 2014 with Solange?  You can view that post here!  Just maybe we could get to Combleux, and we could hope to get a table at the Restaurant (yes, it's a one restaurant town!), and we could enjoy a leisurely French lunch!  Good plan!  Sounded relaxing and stress-free!

Combleux is such a pretty little village, along the Loire River with canals, flowers and cute houses!

Despite the rain, we took in all the beauty!

There was barely a soul in town...

We easily got ourselves a table at "Le Restaurant de la Marine"!

And we had authentic French food courses, and beautiful ambiance, and the beauty of quiet!

Oh, and yes, we each had a glass of Lunch!!!

Just look how beautiful and authentically French this place is!

There were only two other tables filled with people during our meal!  Nice and quiet!

And afterward, we strolled around...

So beautiful, even without the Sun!

We didn't let a little rain (or a few Route Barrée signs) stop us from having quite an enjoyable afternoon!  Unfortunately, Dr. J wasn't too happy with how many Euros we spent, but he's since gotten over it!

Hope you are having a "jewel" of a day!

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