Thursday, June 16, 2016

Cathedral, Coffee, Cave and Chateaubriand!


Bonjour mes amis!

For the sake of simplifying my post today, I'm choosing to narrow it down to all things that begin with the letter "C".  How's that for easy?  The entire day is photographed in Orléans, France!

First, we'll take a walk in town with my daughter, and have a nice stop at the Cathedral.

We have visited the Cathedral many times on my blog!

I always try to show you something new inside though!  (I wish I could bring one of these prayer benches back home with me!)

Always Joan of Arc!

I was very pleased to discover this verse posted in the Cathedral, "I am the way, the truth and the life..." It's the Bible verse John 14:6.  And to finish the verse..."No one comes to the Father except through Me."  There were also banners with all of the verses from the Beatitudes.  How wonderful to see the Church proclaiming the truth of God's Word!

This place is immense!

The view from the steps of the Cathedral!

And on our way down the road...Roses!  Roses are always beautiful and abundant in Orléans in the Summer!

And we discovered that there are lemon and orange trees within the gates of the Hôtel de Ville!  We wanted to pick one!  Oh!  I know Hôtel de Ville does not begin with a "C".  How about Citrus!  Ha Ha!

Next, it was off to my friend, Karin's house for...


Isn't that a pretty little tea cart she set up for us?  She also made us a delicious Plum Tart to have with our Coffee.

I love the view out to their Garden, and we enjoyed sitting daintily, drinking our coffee and learning the history of the house and catching up!

Since I have been to Karin's house numerous times, Karin and I gabbed while Ms. Sapphire and Karin's husband went down to view...

The Cave!
(It's said, cave, with a short "a"!  This is the cellar for the wine!)

You enter the Cave through the little white door in the center, under the stairs.  Their backyard is so lush with greens and flowers!

Karin's husband is quite an expert and could have talked to Ms. Sapphire ALL DAY about wine!

Exiting the Cave to the Garden again!

Bonus photo!  Our friends have a wonderful view of the Loire River from the front windows in their house!

Getting hungry?  It's time for...


This is my favorite Restaurant in Orléans!  La Parenthèse!

They always surprise us with a small appetizer "on the house".  It's the French way...

Then, a picture with Mom...

And then, Dad...

And then a toast!  Santé!  We chose the recommended apéritif (pre-meal cocktail), called a Kir!  It's made of white wine and fruit liqueur.

Delicious!  After the apéritif, appetizer and starter, it was time for the main course!

Ms. Sapphire and I both got the Chateaubriand!  And then, because I told Ms. Sapphire about the significance of Chateaubriand for happens to be the meal Dr. J and I had together the night we got engaged, Ms. Sapphire had to know the whole story of our engagement!  You can ask Dr. J how I responded to his question of marriage!

Ms. Sapphire and I also both ordered the Moelleux au chocolat for dessert!  It came with Apricot Sorbet.  Mmm!  Delicious!

After a quick stroll to Place du Martroi, we headed home to bed...


À bientot!

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