Thursday, June 9, 2016

Her first sightseeing day in France?


Bonjour mes amis!

Ms. Sapphire is going to talk about this for a while...

Almost her whole visit with us...It rained, and rained, and rained...

And then on the first day we had alone together, what did we do?  Well, to be honest...first we dropped Dr. J off at work, and then, dropped by "Pat a Pain" for Pain Chocolat and coffee.  Normally, I would always select a small village Boulangerie over this place, but it was easy to drive to and park, so...there you go!

It was still very tasty!  We didn't eat all three pastries in the one sitting, but splitting the extra one between us made for a great afternoon snack!

And then...
From there, we went to LeClerc for something I wanted to buy and was sure to find, which unfortunately, I didn't!  Such a bummer!

But here's what Ms. Sapphire will remember!

LeClerc is a big Wal-Mart type of store, and Ms. Sapphire proclaimed when we left that...

She couldn't believe she was in France, and she spent one of her first days in Wal-Mart!!!

Well, I did take her to a nice book store, and wine shop too, and then on to other places, but what were we to do?  It was a rainy day and many roads were closed due to flooding!

On the up side, I was able to buy a gift for each of my sweet twin Grandsons (Ooh! I need to come up with a Jewel name for them yet!  Any ideas?  Please comment!), as well as a gift for my Jewelius.  I better not say what I bought, just in case he reads this Post!

On to something more fun and more memorable for Ms. Sapphire...

I took Ms. Sapphire to a store I enjoy, called Maison du Monde!  Of course, we got drenched making our way in from the parking lot!

Maison du Monde is a Home Decor shop, and Ms. Sapphire was quick to find some things she liked, but alas, we didn't buy anything.

Our next stop is one of my favorite shops...Truffaut!  It's a garden center and so much more!

We sent Ms. Emerald the photo above, kind of to make her jealous.  Ms. Emerald was a Horticulture Major, so she loves this store too.  I'm sure we will go again when she arrives!

Not only do they have flowers and plants and crafts and home decor, and gardening things, but they also have pets to adopt!

Isn't he sweet?  Seeing the puppies and rabbits and guinea pigs, etc., made Ms. Sapphire miss her own puppy!

So she bought Luka a Souvenir!  He's going to love it.  I'm sure he'll dig the "oinker" out right away!

We found one thing in the home decor section we couldn't leave in France.  It was the last one! It's marble and wood, and it's just beautiful.  I know it was a "pain in the neck" for Ms. Sapphire to take home on the plane, because it's heavy, but it was so beautiful, and the price was right!

A quick view of some Orleanais homes on the way back to our apartment after a day of shopping...

And then, we put that beautiful cutting board/tray to good use with our cheese course at dinner!

Don't tell me Ms. Sapphire didn't enjoy her trip to LeClerc...

She purchased some wine
from the Orléans area
to enjoy with our dinner!

I'll be back tomorrow with more French Fun!  Voila!
All the best,

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  1. How about Turquoise and Zinc? Hahaha or something to do with twinkle stars?


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