Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I know how to pick a B&B!


Bonjour mes amis!

The other weekend, Dr. J and I were alone here in France and decided to get away for the weekend.  Dr. J said I could pick where we would go, which basically meant that I could also make all the overnight arrangements and research the area.  Typically, when we can get away in France, we always pick some place we've never been.  It must be driveable for the weekend.  It must have something interesting or something interesting to do.

My first thought was to go to a wine region...

But then I thought about what I really love to do in France...

Stay in a Chambre d'Hôtes!  These are the French Bed and Breakfasts!

It would be a plus if I could find one I liked near a wine region, of course!

So, I began searching the web.  I had two general areas of France I wanted to search.  I am a bit picky when it comes to making a choice.  I want an old place that has antiques in the home, and the place must be tastefully decorated.  I love an old Manor home, or a farmhouse, and I certainly wouldn't turn down a Château!

As I was searching online, I found  a place not too far from La Rochelle, France, which is on the Atlantic coast of France, and it's a place we've never been.  So, we settled on La Clos de La Garenne in Puyravault., and they could accommodate us!

I'll tell you all about La Rochelle and Île de Ré another day, and show you pictures from the homeowners awesome home; the kitchen, the living and dining rooms and even an awesome scale collection of the homeowner.

The pictures I'm sharing today are from the cottage we stayed in.

Our host was very kind and helpful and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay in this quaint little, and I mean little, village.

Take a look at the outside!

So charming...

We spent two nights, and were able to get to the sights we wanted to see within 30-40 minutes!

We enjoyed our stay so much.  It's always sad to leave...

Because I always dream of what it would be like to own such a place and greet visitors from all over the world.  The other guests over the weekend were from Germany and Sweden!  Amazing!

If you ever want my advice for selecting a Chambre d'Hôtes in France, feel free to contact me.  I know how to pick a good one!

Have a "jewel" of a day!

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