Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Rainy day Museums in Rochefort!


Bonjour mes amis!

It was raining in France...again!

What were we to do?


All of these photos are scenes at the Musée Des Commerces D'Autrefois...

Basically, it was a Museum of Trades of days gone by...

So, there were scenes of a Pub, Pharmacy, General Store, Tailor Shop, Patisserie, Blacksmith, Dry Cleaners, name it, you could find it here!

The collections were amazing and so well displayed!

Though we were in Rochefort, France, you could envision a similar Museum in the United States!

We had so much fun peaking in all the corners...gazing at all the stuff!

It was a couple hours well spent!

Unfortunately, when we finished this Museum, it was still raining, or threatening more rain, so we decided to go to La Corderie Royale!

This 374 meter long building is considered the "Versaille of the Sea", the Naval Dockyard.  This was Louis the 14th's brainchild.  It is where all the naval rope was made.

This was a very interesting place to visit, too.  We got to see how the rope was made from start to finish.  The building was so long, so as to make the meters and meters of rope for the ships.

What an amazing craft!

You can see just beyond the building out to the water.

We were told that the other side (the sea side) of the building was more beautiful, because Louis wanted it to be really impressive as ships came in.

And that concludes our time in Rochefort!

Have a "jewel" of a day!

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