Monday, June 27, 2016

I could live here!


Bonjour mes amis!

Pardon my absence, but I was on a plane, returning to the U.S. from France.  It's always a sadness for us to leave France, as we've come to love it there so much, but...

Last week, I promised you that I would show you the Interior of the Home of La Clos de la Garenne, the Bed and Breakfast we stayed in in Puyravault, France the other weekend.

I could definitely live here!

The Antiques!  The History!  The tasteful decor!  Ooh La La!

I could write my blog at this desk!

And haven't I been telling you that I would like one of these benches!?!

I could fit my family around this table!

And I could handle having a fireplace in every room!

Let's pass back now through to the Kitchen!

This is where we ate each morning!

Isn't it just so charming?

It's all original to the home!

The homeowner made this awesome almond cake that we enjoyed a sliver of each day, and it was his wife's grandmother's recipe!  I didn't dare ask for the recipe, but it was good, so moist and tasty!

I loved all the stone on the wall.  I'm not sure I was crazy about all the animals mounted on the walls, but one can overlook this for all the charm of the house, right?  It's the way things are in France.

The homeowners sell products of some of the neighbors!

And I promised to show you the homeowners awesome collection...of antique Scales!

There were over 200 Scales in this sunny room.  Since there was a pool table, and it was the husband's collection, I asked him if this was his "Man Cave"!

You know I loved the fleur-de-lis pieces below, but they were heavy and very old, and could barely be picked up!

Such a fun room...

And the homeowner was definitely proud of his collection...

If I lived here, I would claim this room for my own!

Yes, it's for sure...


I could live here!

Have a "jewel" of a day!

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  1. SCALES!!!!!!!!!!! Imagine if we could bring those back to the US!


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