Friday, June 17, 2016

Another fun day in Orléans!


Bonjour mes amis!

When in France...

Hang out in a coffee shop with others, and order an espresso and dessert!

Then, split the desserts three ways!  Profiteroles, Tarte Tatin, and Baba au Rhum!  Yum!

Share with your daughter and dear friend...

And if it's cold or raining outside, it's best to take a table indoors!

And now you are nourished and ready to shop and be silly!

We love this Tea shop that carries Tea by Mariage Frères!

And when in Orléans, one must visit Galleries Lafayette!

And take pictures in front of the coolest looking Mini-Cooper ever!

And then, saunter through town just taking in the sights...

And if there's a Market going on, you must stop and see what's going on!

Books for Sale!

People gazing and Architecture!

And, we could have totally taken a bunch of these old books home! Wow!

Fresh grown veggies!

Surprising fountains!

And when you are almost done shopping, call your husband and ask him if he will take you out to dinner with friends!

Oh, but first, stop to buy some chocolates at the most Royal shop!

It was awfully hard to choose, wasn't it, Ms. Sapphire?

Thank goodness your Dad agreed to dinner downtown with our friends!

Our friends...aren't they the sweetest couple?

We love spending time with Eva and Johannes, so after an easy dinner, we walked around downtown.  It stays light until 10:00 PM here in the Summer!

There's something to look at around every corner!

Love this view down to the River with that cool house on the left!

Evidence the Loire River was still very high...

Dr. J and Ms. Sapphire...

Don't we all look happy?

The Restaurant on the boat behind Eva and Johannes was closed because of the flooding!

It's finally getting dark...

Must be time to head home...

Hope you have a "jewel" of a night's sleep!

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