Friday, April 12, 2013

Top Ten: You know you've become a French Inhabitant when...


Bonjour mes amis!

I haven't done a Top Ten on my blog for quite some time.  I had full intentions at the beginning to make it a weekly post, but my inspiration ran dry...

Today, I have a little comeback treat for you to enjoy!  These are in no particular order, though some are more funny than others.

You know you've become
a French Inhabitant

You no longer take pictures of your food in every Restaurant.

You quit complaining about having to pay for Parking everywhere you go.

Parallel Parking is a way of life!
(OK, so I haven't mastered parallel parking in France yet...)

You've ridden the train so many times that SNCF offers you a monthly pass for
50 Euros for taking the Train to Paris!
(Ok, so that's NEVER going to happen,
but it sure would make my life better and more affordable!)

You're finally used to draping your wet clothes
over a rack,
rather than run the Clothes Dryer!

You see an American Plane Ticket
and question the flight time,
because you no longer use AM and PM,
only Military Time!

And on a related topic...

You determine the size of a piece of furniture
in meters, rather than yards!

You are no longer surprised by
the presence of Dogs
 in a Restaurant, Store or even, in Church!

You dread going back to the United States, for fear
you will never have a good Baguette again!

And on a related topic...

Day old bread is too Old!

You politely greet Shop Owners in French,
and wish them a nice day and good-bye
as you leave!

You can chit chat with the Owner of the Boulangerie you frequent,
like you've been friends for years...
(Working on this one...but we did have a little chit chat last week!)

It appears I should be stopping.  I went over.  Did you even notice that my Top Ten turned into Top Twelve?  Do you want me to keep going?  I could.  Let's just go for it.  I've done this before.  (Click HERE to see an old Top Ten Post that turned into a Baker's Dozen!)

And here's the final one...

You know how to ask a Vendor at a
Vide Grenier or Brocante,
in French,
if this is his Best Price!

(In case you don't remember, a Vide Grenier here is an Empty Attic {aka Garage Sale}.  If you'd like to look back at a post I did months ago about going to a Vide Grenier, you're welcome to click HERE  and enjoy)!

My friend, Elaine, and I recently went to the local Brocante just down the street from our Apartment, which takes place every Saturday morning.  Brocantes sell the affordable antiques...and some junk...and it is SO MUCH FUN!  I want to be there every Saturday morning!

Sorry I didn't share any photos today, but I did have lots of fun with this.  I do want to be able to recall all the things that made this year in France special.

And, here's one more, just for fun!

You know you've become a French Inhabitant when...

You shout "Regard!"
(translated, this means "Look" or "Look Out!")
 when you see Dog Poop on the Sidewalk!

I couldn't help myself!  I hope you've had a good chuckle today!
And, I hope you have a "Jewel" of a Day!     

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