Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chenonceau & Sunshine!


Bonjour mes amis!

The Day I was looking forward to finally came...

The Day I would show my Childhood Friend, Elaine, the most beautiful Château in all of France!

If you've been following along with me, this was my Fourth Visit to this Château since last August.  I know, I know.  By now, they should be Welcoming me with Open Arms, Greeting me at the Door, and Thanking me for Coming so many times and showing Everyone I know, what a Beautiful Place this is.  It is truly a privilege for me to take people here.  I ENJOY this place every time.

The best part...we got a sunny, gorgeous Day to visit!

Let me remind you...Chenonceau is a Château, set out in the Country, a little over an hour's drive from Orléans, that has an awesome Fleurist who makes Incredibly Beautiful Floral Arrangements for every Season.  This visit, we got to see all the beauty of Spring and the Easter Season.

The First Arrangement that greeted Us...

Okay.  It was a beautiful, sunny Day, but I didn't mention that when we arrived in the morning, it was still chilly.  The Fireplace felt so nice!

I wish I could take a pretty grate like that in the rear of the Fireplace, for my Fireplace at home!

I just love getting closeups of the details in this Château!

If you'd rather see some of the full size room shots, perhaps you might like to look back at other visits.  Check  HEREHERE, and HERE!

Such a fun Arrangement with the Feathers!

Elaine's last name begins with an "H", so we thought this was an appropriate Crest for her and her Family...
(She knows it really stands for King Henry!)

And, it's funny how many people now notice fleur-de-lis on things, since I've opened their eyes!

I've photographed this before, but I like it every time I see it!  Hard not to share again!

Such talent in this wood carving on this piece of Furniture!


I just love this Gallery Room!  So Large, Bright and Sunny, and overlooking the River on both sides!

It's unanimous! Elaine and I both agree that the Kitchens are the best rooms!  I didn't even have to coax her to agree with me...I just nonchalantly asked her which room was her favorite!

All "dolled up" for Spring!

There are many Copper Serving pieces and pots and pans at Chenonceau!  I just loved this piece!

Every time we come to Chenonceau, we tease about the large Pizza Cutters on the wall.  Haha!  Of course, they are really Pan Lids!

Isn't this a beautiful painting of the Château?

The Flowers are very pretty, but get a load of the legs on this side table!?!  Wow!

I LOVE this Château!!!

The Farmland outside the Château has Flowers and Herbs that are growing, so perhaps on my next visit I'll see Blooms!

And, of course, we stopped at the Maze!

To our delight, the weather warmed up so nicely, that we were able to share the Pique-Nique (this is the French equivalent!) Lunch we brought with us, out on a picnic table by a Canal!  It was wonderful soaking in the Sunshine!

Thanks for going along today.  I hope you enjoyed this beautiful place!

On a side note...we accomplished our Mission over the weekend to bring Jewelius' Grandparents back to Orléans with us, so I'm probably taking a few days break from blogging to share time with them.  See you soon again!

Have a "Jewel" of a Day!

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