Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Grandeur of it All!


Bonjour mes amis!

This Spring weather sure is temperamental, isn't it?  Yesterday, we got poured on, but the sun was out part of the day, too!  Good thing I remembered my umbrella!

Yesterday, I started to tell you about my childhood friend's visit last week...

What a shame!  Elaine's first full day in France came complete with fog and rain, and yuckiness (yes, I think it is a word)!  It even snowed a little!  (Did she bring that with her?)  What to do?  Well, when you can't wander about Outside...

You go to a Château!

Of course, I had plans to take Elaine to all-time favorite...but, on this yucky day, the best plan was Chambord!  Dr. J and Jewelius wanted to go too!  You probably remember this Château (although we'll mostly stay inside today)...I've taken you there twice already on my blog...but we can go is the LARGEST Château, so there's always something new to discover...

Amazing, isn't it?
(This picture was taken on a clear day, when we stopped in for a visit with our Children on December 31, however, if you want to take a look back at another Post about Chambord, click HERE).

Now, on to our visit this Month...

Hunting Scenes and Chandeliers!  Hmmm!  Interesting juxtaposition!

Marie Antoinette!

Amazing Staircases...

Amazing Door Latches...atleast I think so!

Amazingly Silly Son!  (You can tell he's been here before, huh?)

Fleur-de-Lis and a Fireplace...yum!

Do you remember these Gardens?

And, this Architecture?

Here we are...Childhood Friends!

The Central Staircase...see us peaking out?

I guess we still did spend a bit of time Outside...thank goodness the rain stopped...

It's pretty expensive to be a Tourist in France.  Most all the time, you have to pay to park your Car.  You receive a ticket at the Gate of the Parking, and then you find a Machine to pay the ticket when you are leaving, and then you put the "Paid for" Ticket into a machine on the way out to get the Lever to lift.  We're quite used to it.  However, THIS machine was trying to help us out by translating into English.  If I didn't know the System, this translation wouldn't really have helped me...

Well, thanks for going with us to Chambord again today...

The weather improved after our visit to Chambord, so perhaps I can refrain from using the word, "Yuckiness" in future Posts!

Have a "Jewel" of a Day!

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