Saturday, April 27, 2013

I won't do it again!


Bonjour mes amis!

I just won't do it again...

Let me ask you a question...have you ever driven in Paris?  Or, have you ever driven in New York City, for that matter?  Well, the two cities are one and the same with regard to stressful driving...

I've been there...

And I won't do it again!

I truly understand why people who live in Big Cities don't usually want to own Cars!  Delivery Trucks everywhere!  One way Streets!  Pedestrians all over the place!  Construction!  Massive Traffic!  Yuck!  It's no fun! I don't know why I even agreed to driving in Paris, but I won't do it again.

Now, let me assure my future worries...I will collect you at the Airport!  (For some reason, I can handle traffic on a highway a whole lot better than the stress of the City)!

Enough complaining, though.  We survived...

We parked in the Gare Du Nord Parking Garage in Paris!  (I think we were on the lowest level, so the lot was not nearly as full, which I was thankful for)!  Then, we got to site-seeing...

My friend, Elaine, and I headed to the Metro to find a line to Montmarte, because Elaine wanted to see where all the Parisian Artists hang out.  It's kind of a Tourist Trap, but still fun to stop there.  Elaine was on a Quest to buy Art from a Local Artist...

I don't know how these people continue to paint and sketch with all the Tourists gawking at them while they work!

The Man below turned out to be the Winner!  Elaine bought a Piece he had painted the day before!

He was a nice older gentleman, so I decided to try out some of my limited French to learn something about him.  It turned out that he'd been painting for 40 years!

Next, we jumped on the Metro to head to the Louvre.  We were treated to Music in the Subway on the way!  Amazing acoustics in the Metro Stations!

It's always worth sharing a few coins for some good Music!

Next stop...The Louvre...and a Funny Story...although it definitely was not funny at the time!  Sorry!  I'm saving this Story for Monday's Post.

But, to sum things up for Today...If you come visit me in France, I'd love to take you into Paris...

But we'll take the Train!

Have a "Jewel" of a Weekend!

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